Innovative software saves money and power for mobile carriers

17. March 2022
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Better bottom line and less carbon footprint is why Telia and Telenor have invested in new software developed by the North Jutlandic company, 2operate in an innovation project

Every day, three million mobile owners use their subscription by Telia or Telenor to talk on mobile phone, find their way, send a SMS, and check emails.

It takes a stable and massive power supply to keep them all on the grid, which is why new technology that can reduce power consumption is of great interest.

That’s why Telia and Telenor have engaged in an innovation project to develop new software technology that can reduce the use of power without compromising the quality of coverage. A project which has now led the telecommunications companies to invest in the new technology as the first customer.

“It is a product that works on two important parameters for us,” says Søren Askjær, Senior Network Specialist at TT Network, Telia and Telenor’s joint network company:

“We save money on electricity bills by lowering our electricity consumption, and we contribute to the common societal task of reducing the carbon footprint,” he says.

Hit a need

The new software solution reduces consumption by 2.5 million kilowatt hours per year, corresponding to 2.4% of the total consumption in the RAN network. The gain shows by optimizing on operations, where the software makes it possible to shut down parts of the radio network during the periods of the day when there is a surplus of radio resources in the network without compromising the quality and coverage.

The solution was developed in an innovative collaboration where the telecommunications providers were the test environment and where Aalborg University collaborated with developers from the North Jutland company, 2operate in a partnership facilitated by Energy Cluster Denmark.

“We could see a need in the market for a software solution that could both save power and optimize the operation of the mobile masts,” says Helle Friis, Executive Sales Manager in 2014:

“It’s great to see that customers share that view. Not least in the current market, where energy prices are high and where there are many who are preoccupied with using fewer resources,” she says.

The new software solution originated as an idea from the development department; a positive response from the telecommunications companies as potential customers and Energy Cluster Denmark, which could see an energy improvement potential in the project:

“We have a solution that is a great example of how in a good partnership you can mature a good idea,” says Hans Jørgen Brodersen, Project Manager at Energy Cluster Denmark:

“2operate are telecommunications specialists without much insight into the energy challenges, but they could defiantly see the potential. With the right partners, that potential is now well on its way to being redeemed in a new market,” he says.

New customers in new markets

The interest in the project’s outcome is good; according to Helle Friis, there is already great international interest and concrete inquiries from abroad:

“These are new customers in new markets, so we will need to hire more employees,” says Helle Friis.

Søren Askjær understands this:

“There is no doubt that the solution has potential. It is an optimization that we ourselves have not had resources to carry out, but which we would very much like to have. There are certainly other operators in other markets who could benefit from the solution,” he says.

2operate wants to develop more new solutions in innovative partnerships.

“We got into this with positive expectations and the belief that there could be a success in it. In the project, we have gained access to support and good cooperation with the university and other strong players who have really brought value. We can already see the potential of a new project that can further develop the solution,” says Helle Friis.