Can you save money with a green business plan?

21. January 2020

With CLEAN Green Plan, you can save money in your company, achieve a greener profile and at the same time help reduce energy and material consumption for the benefit of the economy, the environment and the climate!

Up to 100% support for energy and resource consulting
In most companies, there is potential for either optimizing on energy or resource efficiency. And in some cases both! With CLEAN Green Plan, you now have the opportunity, in collaboration with a specialized consultant, to review the company’s potentials for optimization and have the bill for the consultancy refunded by up to 100 percent. You will receive specific instructions and calculations on measures that can streamline the company’s energy and resource flows.

Increases are gathered in an overview, so you have a complete decision basis for future green investments. You choose which advisor you want to solve the task with.

CLEAN also offers collaboration opportunities with environmental authorities, which carry out environmental inspections in your company. Here, the normal check will be able to go up in a higher unit, partly if you get an enforcement on improvement of conditions, or if you want to combine environmental rules with green growth opportunities.

What does your company get out of participating?

  • A free screening of what potentials your company has to become greener (CO2 neutral)
  • A concrete green business plan prepared by independent advisers, which calculates whether it pays to invest in green solutions – whether there will be a reasonable payback period on any investments.
  • Input to marketing plan
  • Development of new business potentials, which can have a CO2-reducing effect either on your own company, or with the customer or supplier.
  • Professional industry-skilled consulting service that looks at the company’s energy and resource use and residual products from here, with new eyes
  • Grants for the implementation of a green business model

Your company can be anything from a production company, shop, industrial kitchen, haulier, construction company, lumber, campsite, heating plant, etc. – as long as you belong to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The plan will be based on your company’s opportunity for growth, but the CO2 reduction may just as well be with the customer or with the supplier. Therefore, there will also be offers of common green plans, as companies will often be dependent on price and product from either customers or suppliers. CLEAN therefore helps companies find each other and make joint plans. A plan can also be a collaboration with a municipality or a utility company.

What does it take to participate?

Your company must be in the category of small and medium-sized companies with a maximum of 250 employees and a turnover of a maximum of DKK 50 million. or a balance of a maximum of EUR 43 million. You need to have the courage to grow your business to become more green in a broad sense.