CSK Group vinder EU-midler til bedre brug af data i energisektoren

17. April 2024

CSK Group ApS has received funding through the ELBE Eurocluster EU program to improve the energy sector’s work with data and digitalization. The grant will be used to develop an addition to the company’s Software as a Service system Insemito. This will ensure correct customs processing of equipment returning from offshore projects, and enhance the industry’s own data, enabling more green electricity to be produced.

There are many product numbers in the offshore industry. Millions of numbers.

The numbers help ensure that everything from nuts, tools, components, and much more that are used in offshore wind turbines can be correctly ordered by the technicians servicing the large units at sea. If there is an error in the product number, the industry has a problem, explains Søren Hvorslev, CEO of CSK Group.

“It might not seem particularly problematic with a part having the wrong product number. But if you think about the part’s journey from the warehouse on land to a service technician at the top of an offshore wind turbine, then the tune changes if it’s the wrong item that the person receives offshore,” explains Søren Hvorslev.

He has received support through the ELBE Eurocluster program for a process where CSK Group’s software solution, Insemito, will help energy sector actors better manage the basic data that form the basis for a short and precise delivery of the right products, as well as ensure correct customs processing for the return of units from offshore projects.

“We have developed a system that not only ensures the delivery of the right parts but can also structure the industry’s data sets in a new way. An example could be preparing customs processing for six containers full of equipment. With our innovative solution, we can handle the documentation for, for example, 6,000 parts per container in just 45 seconds. We utilize smarter use of data to minimize administration, which gives more time to focus on what really counts,” says Søren Hvorslev:

“Many companies in the industry today use other systems, and here it can take up to two days to do the same. In other words, we can ensure more efficient service and minimize downtime for a wind turbine at sea if the turbine is broken, as the technician gets the right gear the first time,” explains Søren Hvorslev.

Network to Europe

The European funds for Danish companies such as CSK Group come from the ELBE Eurocluster program under the European Commission. ELBE stands for European Leaders of offshore renewable energy and is targeted at the energy sectors of eight European countries; Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Poland, France, Scotland, and Denmark, where the Danish energy cluster, Energy Cluster Denmark, coordinates the Danish companies’ participation.

“It is extremely positive that our members such as CSK Group from the Danish energy cluster are successful in Europe when it comes to innovative solutions for the international energy market. Danish competencies in digitalization can make a big difference for the industry – both in terms of business and climate-friendly solutions. Therefore, we look forward to following the ELBE process and our members’ involvement in the coming months,” says Glenda Napier, CEO of Energy Cluster Denmark.

Read more about the ELBE Eurocluster at: http://www.elbealliance.eu/home