Danish ENFOR improves 15 per cent of the world’s energy forecasts 

30. January 2024

With more efficient integration of renewable energy in Europe, the EuroGrid innovation project has identified potential savings of DKK 200-300 million.

As a result of the EuroGrid innovation project, 15 per cent of the world’s energy forecasts have now become more accurate.

The project addresses the challenges associated with integrating increasingly fluctuating energy flows, including that produced by wind power, into the energy system without forfeiting the all-important system balance.

One of the partners in the innovation project is Danish energy company ENFOR, whose 30 employees in Denmark, Iceland, Hungary and India are involved in making approximately 15 per cent of the world’s energy forecasts and thus contribute to increased forecasting accuracy.

Mikkel Westenholz, CEO at ENFOR, says:

“Based on the project results, we have helped to improve the accuracy of the forecasts – Stakeholders are showing great interest in and recognise the potential of more precise forecasts,” he says.

It has to be said: Estimates suggest that better energy forecasting can save the industry DKK 2-300 million, one of the reasons why Ørsted is committed to the innovation project:

“We’re looking at a future with a pan-European green energy system, which essentially means that we in Denmark will be affected by whether it’s windy in the UK or if there is a wave of increased consumption in France,” says Jan Hvidberg, Lead Analyst at Ørsted:

“Seamless integration across Europe will be crucial for the price we all pay for renewable energy. That’s why we focus on developing technologies that can support this,” he says.

Accelerated development

The volume of renewable energy in European countries’ energy systems is increasing year on year. Together, the innovation project partners – ENFOR, Ea Energy Analyses, DTU and Ørsted with project facilitator Energy Cluster Denmark – have developed a digital platform that incorporates forecasts of renewable energy supplies, electricity supply and electricity prices across European countries; initially in Denmark and Germany.

The platform describes the current market situation and minute-by-minute energy supply. It streamlines the energy systems of individual countries. The project is soon to be scaled up across Europe.

Mikkel Westenholz welcomes the new development:

“Energy Cluster Denmark’s active involvement in the project meant that we could accelerate technological development and gain access not only to more funding, but also to collaboration with other parties. We have already established partnerships in Scandinavia and Germany. We now plan to roll the project out across Europe and connect all the European countries in a common infrastructure,” he says.

Growth opportunities

More work means that ENFOR has hired more employees, and the company has been recognised as a Gazelle company for the fourth consecutive year.

“The support we received via this project made it possible for us to take the risk of investing in the project. Energy Cluster Denmark facilitated project funding and alleviated the administrative burdens for us. The project is now a success. Energy traders around the world are currently testing the product,” says Mikkel Westenholz.