EuroGrid wins the 2021 Innovation Prize

6. May 2021

EuroGrid has made it possible to reduce costs associated with the efficient integration of renewable energy in Europe by 200 to 300 million DKK. As a result, the innovative EuroGrid project has won Energy Cluster Denmark’s 2021 Innovation Prize. The prize was awarded to the businesses behind EuroGrid at Energy Cluster Denmark’s annual meeting, in front of an audience of 300 participants from the energy sector.


The amount of renewable energy in European countries’ power distribution systems is increasing year by year. Balancing power distribution systems across countries is challenging when these systems are supported by fluctuating sources of energy, such as wind, because the energy output from these sources is variable. One company facing this challenge is Ørsted, which has acted as the “problem owner” for this innovation project.

“We’re looking towards a future with a shared, green power distribution system spanning all of Europe. If the wind is blowing in England or France starts using more power, it’s going to affect us here in Denmark. Because of that, seamless integration throughout Europe will be a crucial factor in determining the cost of renewable energy for all of us. And this is why we’re focusing on developing technologies to support that,” says Jan Hvidberg, lead analyst at Ørsted.


The EuroGrid project has been facilitated by Energy Cluster Denmark. It also involves a partnership comprising Enfor, EA Energianalyse, DTU and Ørsted. EuroGrid has developed a digital platform that provides improved forecasts for renewable energy output, power distribution, and electricity prices throughout Europe. The platform describes the current market situation and power distribution down to the minute, making it possible to streamline individual countries’ grids. Enfor, whose specialities include data-based weather forecasting, is leading the project:

“Efficient integration of renewable energy is important in order to reduce the cost of this energy. Annual savings of 200 to 300 million DKK are likely achievable by making the system more efficient,” explains Mikkel Westenholz, CEO of Enfor.

In its first phase, the project has focused on the Nordic countries and Germany, but it will eventually be rolled out to all of Europe. Enfor’s CEO has no doubts that Energy Cluster Denmark’s collaboration on this innovative project has accelerated the development of this solution.

“Energy Cluster Denmark’s involvement has allowed us to speed up the development of the technology, strengthened our funding opportunities, and given us better access to collaborate with the other partners in the project. Internationally, Enfor has already signed a contract with Red Eléctrica in Spain, and in France, RTE is preparing to test the system. The plan is to roll it out to all of Europe, connecting every European country,” Westenholz adds.

Energy Cluster Denmark’s Innovation Prize

Energy Cluster Denmark awards its annual Innovation Prize to the project that has had the greatest impact on the green transformation.

“Technological innovation plays a critical role in the green transformation. We need more innovative projects like EuroGrid, so new technological developments can ensure that we actually achieve our goals for a green, integrated power distribution system in the future. I hope that this prize will inspire more businesses, researchers, and enthusiasts to collaborate and innovate,” says Glenda Napier, CEO of Energy Cluster Denmark.

Project facts


Improved balancing and grid optimisation between countries and TSOs.


Data platform and optimised forecasting models for production and consumption of renewable energy sources.


Reduction of errors in wind and sun forecasts, reducing renewable energy integration costs in Europe by 200–300 million DKK.


Ørsted, Enfor, EA Energianalyse, DTU Compute, DTU Elektro.



Mikkel Westenholz, CEO, Enfor at or by phone: 27 77 27 83
Sune Falther, press contact, Energy Cluster Denmark at or by phone: 61 60 01 80
Jan Hvidberg, lead analyst, Ørsted at or by phone: 99 55 28 73