1. September 2020 – 7:30 – 16:30 Aarhus, Danmark

To ensure that everyone gets the maximum benefit from participating in Danvak Day 2020, Danvak’s Executive Committee on 11 March 2020 has therefore decided to postpone the holding of Danvak Day 2020 to 1 September 2020 at IDA Convention Centre in Copenhagen.

Gain insight into the requirements for the construction of the future and get the experts’ suggestions on how to achieve the best conditions for a good indoor climate and a functional and energy-optimised construction.

The conference is for people in the construction industry who deal with HVAC, energy, and indoor climate.

Sign up and participate in a panel debate, where the parties within the field of construction present and discuss how we get better construction in Denmark, which takes into account the climate, energy efficiency, the economic framework, and a good indoor climate. We have organised an exciting programme that will cover topics such as building energy, building automation, water installations, heating & cooling, indoor climate, lighting, and ventilation.

In Denmark, buildings are constructed and renovated every day — all year round. There are many stakeholders involved in construction projects, such as the entrepreneurs, consultants, contractors, and manufacturers, and it places great demands on all parties involved to deliver exactly what it takes for a construction to work as intended when it is put into use.

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