Growth and business development for local companies

3. March 2021 – 14:00 – 17:00 Webinar

At this event, we focus on what we already have going on and where the opportunities for developing SMEs are right up your street.

We will tell you about projects that have been completed and which now open up new green business areas, and about the solar cell systems of the future and how they utilise the sun even better than before.

You also get the opportunity for green business development in your company or jointly with other companies. At no cost to you as a company, you will get help from a consultant to identify new opportunities and business models.

Can your company do the job alone, or should you think in terms of future partnerships, so that, for example, as an HVAC company you have a carpenter and electrician onboard when you quote for a job, or vice versa?

We help you map out the opportunities to move forward with developing your business with a green growth agenda.


2.00 pm Welcome
with Hans A. Pedersen, Energy Cluster Denmark

2.05 pm Existing, upcoming and possible energy initiatives on Lolland-Falster

  • REn Energi Lolland. Which way can we go?
    with Tine Vinther Clausen, REn Energi Lolland
  • The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) locally
    with DI Lolland-Falster
  • Business in balance with nature, or green tips and offers from the latest LF Pulse.
    with Steffen Lund, Business Lolland-Falster


2.30 pm Possible green business opportunities
with Marie Johansen, Energy Cluster Denmark



  • Local job creation based on the wind turbines and solar cells of the future.

What potentials are there for local companies in relation to the establishment and servicing of energy plants?
with Knud Abildgaard Kragh, European Energy/Reintegrate

  • New solar panels/solar collectors – become self-sufficient alone or together.
    with Yakov Safir, Racell
  • Green energy solutions for homes and buildings outside the District Heating Network.
    with Tommy Olsen, Gate21
  • Lagring af overskuds-el i salt.
    – Innovation project – with Molten Salt
    – Storage in salt – with Blue Consulting


3.50 pm Recap and questions.
with Hans A. Pedersen, Energy Cluster Denmark

4.00 pm Offer of free advisory services –

Can it pay off? And is there a CO2 reduction?
The opportunity for free consultancy assistance for green business plans.
with Marie Johansen, Energy Cluster Denmark


4.20 pm Workshop & Matchmaking – How do we move forward?
With Hans A. Pedersen, Energy Cluster Denmark

  • Track 1 – The future heating of buildings

Storage of surplus energy for district heating. Including any heat pump solutions for private homes or district heating solutions for several individual homes at low temperature, including brine solutions (25 degrees).

  • Track 2 – Sustainable package solutions for private individuals

Integration between solar panels, solar cells, storage and geothermal.

4.50 pm Collection in the cloud
with Hans A. Pedersen, Energy Cluster Denmark

5.00 pm Thank you for today!


NOTE! The event is free and facilitated via ZOOM

(If the event is a success, we will follow up with a physical event at the end of August)

The partners:

  • Energy Cluster Denmark is a cluster organisation within the energy sector that helps companies towards green growth through fundraising.
  • Minor Change Group
  • Business Lolland-Falster (BLF) is the local trade organisation.
  • DI Lolland-Falster represents member companies in Guldborgsund and Lolland municipalities.
  • REn Energi Lolland (REEL) runs a partnership on Lolland, consisting of Lolland Municipality, HOFOR, Andel and Gate 21. The purpose is to ensure collaboration between the catchment area and the metropolis in the green transition. We collaborate through projects with universities in Denmark and Germany, and this is the foundation for green development on an equal footing.