Supercapacitors – Materials and Applications

15. April 2021 – 14:30 – 16:30 Online

Supercapacitors are particularly suitable for fast (milli seconds to minutes) and multi repeatable energy storage of small but also higher power ranges. In this workshop, we will discuss the recent progress on supercapacitor technology, having a focus on new nano-based materials for supercapacitors, new processing techniques that facilitate low-cost volume production such as printing and Roll-to-Roll technology, as well as new industrial applications for supercapacitor technology.



by Associate Prof. Thomas Ebel/ Prof. WSR. Morten Madsen

Printed Supercapacitors

by Dr. Zachary J. Davis, DTI

Supercapacitors: New materials and R2R processing

by Prof. WSR. Yogendra Kumar Mishra & Prof. WSR. Morten Madsen, SDU TEK

Hybrid Supercapacitors

by Dr. Steffen Vindt, CEO, Innocell ApS

Supercapacitors in large 3-phase UPSu2019s

by Martin Zacho, Senior Principal Technical Expert, Energy Storage, Schneider Electric IT Denmark ApS

Supercapacitors in PV Systems

Eric Hansen, CEO, Hisun

Supercapacitors in kinetic energy recovery systems

Associate Prof. Thomas Ebel, SDU TEK


Louise Winther Larsen


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