Joint application strengthens a unified energy sector

15. June 2020

The Danish strengths in CO2-neutral energy, integrated energy systems and energy efficiency must be further enhanced – all at once.

This is the reason why, together with the other two Danish energy clusters, we have applied to the Danish Board of Business Development and the Ministry of Education and Research for DKK 120 million, which will strengthen and further develop our Danish strengths within energy technology.

The collaboration between the Energy Innovation Cluster, Clean Energi and the House of Energy illustrates both the willingness and the need to make a joint effort to benefit the overall innovative force, says Glenda Napier, CEO of the Energy Innovation Cluster:

“We stand together with a joint application because it makes sense. The next great achievements require that we relate to a complimenting energy system, where the various forms of energy work together and are connected across the board. This is reflected in the content of the application,” she states.

The application is concentrated on the Danish goal of a 70 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. Here, the energy sector with innovative solutions and a holistic view can make a decisive contribution. Denmark has the opportunity to secure a position of strength within the development of an intelligent energy system by understanding the value of a broad energy mix, which is increasingly based on fluctuating forms of energy:

“There is a lot of innovation and new technology ahead. The system approach makes it possible to make broad inroads with demand-driven innovation, which is rooted in the industry and makes a real difference to the green transition. When we simultaneously increase energy efficiency and the share of CO2-neutral energy, we are chasing a reduction in CO2 emissions on several flanks.”

Glenda Napier, CEO at Energy Innovation Cluster.

“We have a big common task in achieving a 70 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. We must reap the growth and development of Danish companies at the same time as we rise to the challenge of green transition.”

Preben Birr-Pedersen, CEO at House of Energy.

“With Energy Cluster Denmark, we meet a desire from the industry for a simple, strong centre for work with innovation, but we also simplify in a much larger scope, which embraces everything within energy production, energy storage, energy infrastructure and energy efficiency.”

Henrik Bjerregaard, Director at Clean Energi.