The industry’s strategic challenges must shape Energy Cluster Denmark

31. August 2020

An even closer collaboration with industry organisations in the field of energy must ensure that the energy sector’s challenges set the course for Energy Cluster Denmark. New innovation boards provide important strategic grounding and direction for the cluster organisation’s work.

It must be industry-driven and in-demand innovation that sets the agenda and framework for the work by Energy Cluster Denmark. The cluster must support and facilitate the new technological solutions and innovation needs where members, industry and knowledge institutions see the greatest potential, and this collaboration must, among other things, be rooted in a number of new innovation boards.

“We build close relationships with industry organisations from across the energy sector to ensure that we always have the energy sector’s greatest technological challenges as a pointer for our project work,” says Glenda Napier, CEO of Energy Cluster Denmark.

A strong mandate

A number of innovation boards are currently being set up, involving several industry organisations. The new innovation boards will provide strategic input to the board of Energy Cluster Denmark and in this way ensure that the innovation activities launched under the auspices of Energy Cluster Denmark also have a real demand from companies and have the sector’s technological challenges in mind.

“We must identify early on the technological megatrends that will characterise the energy sector in five and ten years. Through the board of Energy Cluster Denmark, it must be rooted in our organisation and concretised in innovation projects that make a real difference. I am glad that we have secured such a strong mandate from the industry, business, and interest organisations. Their input and sparring can create a common direction that can drive Danish energy innovation forward for the benefit of workplaces and the climate,” says Glenda Napier.


All established innovation boards have the participation of some of the industry’s most key companies and players.

“I am pleased that the industry organisations will help to shape the direction in which we work. Their dedicated contribution helps to set the course for our work and ensures that we always see the needs of the industry up close,” says Glenda Napier, CEO of Energy Cluster Denmark