The value of clusters and networks

9. January 2020

In Denmark, we have a number of clusters and networks, which on an annual basis help more than 18,000 companies across the country to develop their business.

Ørsted on the value of innovation
One of the companies is Ørsted, which as a member of the Energy Innovation Cluster is participating in a new campaign about the value of Danish clusters and innovation networks:

“It has been innovation over time that has driven the cost of electricity down to the level it is today for Ørsted and for offshore wind in general,” says Sten Arendt Stoltze, CTO, VP, Head of Engineering, Ørsted Offshore Wind Power, among other things in the campaign film, which you can see below:

Solutions for the global market
Through participation in clusters and networks, companies gain direct access to knowledge, skills and funding. This lifts products, processes and projects in the companies to innovative and competitive solutions for the global market – and growth and jobs are created throughout Danish society.

Figures from the umbrella organization Cluster Excellence Denmark show that companies that engage in clusters and innovation networks can multiply their innovation power by four. Desudebn increases productivity growth by 3.6 percentage points when participating in cluster and innovation network activities.

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