Invitation to Energy Cluster Denmark’s Kick-Off Events!

5. November 2020

Join us as we make the energy flow!

The establishment of Denmark’s new cluster organisation for the entire energy sector must be celebrated in style – and you are invited when we go live from our various offices around Denmark and go in depth with our five focus areas, including energy production, energy storage, energy infrastructure, energy efficiency as well as sector coupling, system integration and digitalisation.

We will – geographically speaking – get around the Danish energy landscape, where ECD is today represented throughout the country, and delve into the many exciting projects we already run and show how you as a member get the opportunity to participate in the many exciting activities and projects that are both ongoing, but also those that are on the drawing board in terms of innovation projects, knowledge bridging activities and internationalisation.



Participate in our Kick-Off events and be inspired by the several inspirational speakers from, among others, Danfoss, EWII, INEOS and EnergiDanmark as well as numerous SMEs in the energy field, which provide practical examples to give you insight into how you achieve value through an Energy Cluster Denmark membership – both in everyday life and in the future.

Sign up for 1 (or more!) of the 5 online Kick-Off Events, where we zoom in on one of our focus areas each time – and give you a clear picture of how you can become part of tomorrow’s energy technology solutions with a membership with us.

Mark your calendar

17/11 Energy production

18/11 Energy infrastructure

19/11 Energy storage

24/11 Energy efficiency

25/11 Sector coupling, system integration and digitalisation