A new exciting A2X-partnership

9. November 2021

Juel+Kroyer announces a new partnership between HYTOR Group and SubC Partner to establish A2X.

For several years of close cooperation, the participating companies have built the necessary experience to become the compatible and technical partner of the future in the Power-to-X industry.

With the new partnership, they have more than 70 years of experience in setting up and maintaining process plants. With 200 technicians and engineers, they possess the resources and skills to fulfill and complete the tasks ahead for building the power-to-X system of the future.

A2X builds the power-to-X process plants of the future. The first orders have already been received and more are on the way. Power-to-X is a necessity to achieve the green political agenda at both international and national level, and the A2X is ready to contribute to just that with their experience in designing, constructing, and maintaining the construction process.

If you want to read more, go directly to A2X’s website by following the link.