The Norwegian Q-Meierier is expanding with a plant from Innoterm

10. December 2020

A large Norwegian dairy, Q-Meierier, is growing rapidly. The dairy is part of the Kavli Group, which has activities in most of Northern Europe, and it has strengthened its positive development and its position in the Norwegian market with innovation and an in-depth understanding of customer needs. With the new plant for the factory in Jæren, the dairy will ensure that it can meet the market’s increasing demand, while at the same time having room for new developments.

Innoterm has designed, delivered, and commissioned the supply system that ensures cooling and all the water supply to the dairy. In dairies, it is especially important that the water temperatures in all processes are correct, and the plant from Innoterm ensures a smooth flow and optimal process temperatures.

As something very special, the system from Innoterm works with three sets of temperature:




Since its founding in 2004, Innoterm has been one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of refrigeration systems to e.g., dairies and slaughterhouses. Since the start, heat pump technology has now also been included in the portfolio of services, and in recent years Innoterm has delivered large energy-saving heat pump systems to many Danish district heating supply systems.

The plant for Q-Meierier’s production in Jæren near Stavanger is expected to be commissioned in 2021