Everfuel builds hydrogen station in Vordingborg

12. May 2022

Everfuel has entered into a purchase agreement with the municipality of Vordingborg to buy a larger area in Business Park Vordingborg at exit 41 on the South highway.

Thus, Everfuel is getting ready to build a hydrogen station that will serve the increasing traffic and at the same time establish Vordingborg as a hub for green transport.

When the Fehmarnbelt link opens and connects road transport between Denmark and Germany, a large number of trucks will pass through Vordingborg municipality.

In order to offer a climate-friendly alternative to fossil trucks, Everfuel is building a hydrogen station that can meet the need for emission-free and fast refueling of heavy traffic.

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Vordingborg Municipality and Business Vordingborg on this project, as they are willing to put action behind the green words by making a switch to fossil-free transport. We are pleased to have secured this particular location for the hydrogen station, and we look forward to serving both passenger cars and heavy transport. We will continue to work with Vordingborg to decarbonise the transport sector,” says Lars Jakobsen, Sales Manager at Everfuel.

Vordingborg Mayor Mikael Smed is pleased with the sale of the business land in Business Park Vordingborg at exit 41.

“It is incredibly gratifying that we can now welcome another new company to Business Park Vordingborg. In Vordingborg Municipality, we are in a fantastic development in attracting companies that contribute to the green transition. With Everfuel’s focus on the green transition of the transport sector, they fit incredibly well into that agenda. “says Mikael Smed, Mayor of Vordingborg Municipality.

Business Vordingborg, which works to attract companies to Vordingborg Municipality, has for a long time worked with Everfuel to attract the company

“We are incredibly pleased that Everfuel is now coming to Vordingborg Municipality. We have had a good working relationship with Everfuel for a long time to attract them to the area, and now we have succeeded. This opens up great prospects for the green transition of heavy transport, in particular, and we look forward to continue good and constructive cooperation with Everfuel,” says Bolette Christensen, Director of Business Vordingborg.

Contact for more information:

Lars Jakobsen, Sales Manager Everfuel +45 2973 3933

Mikael Smed, Mayor Vordingborg Municipality +45 2278 3455

Bolette Christen, Director Business Vordingborg +45 4064 8923.