FRECON is met positive response from the wind turbine industry to innovative concepts

9. August 2021

At FRECON, you can’t help but think innovative. More employees are popping with new ideas for concepts that bring improvements or completely new angles of solutions to an industry or specific customer. It gets a really good reception from customers in e.g., the wind turbine industry.

“It is so liberating that you bring us something – completely unsolicited. We have heard this on several occasions over the past year,” says CEO Claus Mølgaard Jensen.

The background is FRECON’s increased focus on concept development and innovative development processes, where you get the full benefit of the employees’ wealth of ideas and extensive experience. It brings many new opportunities into play. It can be improvements or inventions that solve customer challenges and often also improve competitiveness and have extra consideration for the environment.

Rethinking on behalf of wind turbine customers

What can we do with end-of-life wind turbine blades? This was an issue that FRECON’s Senior Solution Specialist Frederik Rytter could not help but look into solving – also for the sake of the environment.

“I have worked with customers in the industry for many years and have often heard about the challenge of getting rid of the end-of-life wind turbine blades,” says Frederik Rytter, who as one of FRECON’s popcorn heads is filled with good ideas to solve the industry’s challenges:

“This led me to think about the floating foundations for wind turbines and the possibility of reusing fiberglass from the blades to the pontoons that hold up the foundations. This gives the industry both control of waste that they otherwise find difficult to get rid of – and the price of the pontoons is reduced.”

Interdisciplinary industry experience is utilized

Recycling wind turbine blades is a good example of the challenges that the Frecon employees address and find solutions to. This is done on their own initiative and without anyone asking them – but it arouses great satisfaction when the solutions are presented to customers.

“The key to success can lie in many places,” says Frederik Rytter. “It can be ideas or experiences from several industries that are transferred in a new context. It can be a technical method of development that opens new possibilities because we know the method in detail. It may also be investing in development to reduce material consumption on a ‘cheap’ product. It is often expensive to develop new solutions for even ‘cheap’ end products, which more customers may find difficult to reconcile with. We do it if we believe that it brings improvements, is good for the environment and creates good business.”

Towards innovative concept development

With the development of several new concepts for e.g., the wind turbine industry, FRECON has received a good reception. At the same time, it supports FRECON’s ambition to be known as the innovative concept house that challenges with new technologies and approaches.

“With the concepts in hand, we now also have brand new entries for the dialogue with many customers. We know their needs – sometimes better than they do themselves,” says Claus Mølgaard Jensen. “At the same time, the concept development supports and reinforces the development process from consultancy to project house that we are working on internally in FRECON. We see opportunities to patent some of our new concepts ourselves and are looking for new partnerships. In doing so, we are further building our business in new areas and the pallet of solutions we have for customers.”

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FRECON A/S is an engineering company founded in 1999. Here we specialize in mechanical solutions from large industrial equipment to small mechanical tools and components. Among other things, for the wind turbine industry, the food industry and the metal and mechanical engineering industry. The head office is located in Horsens, but there are additional locations in Esbjerg and in Tommerup on Fyn.