Nordic Sugar in Nakskov optimizes operations

11. August 2021

Upgrading 2 steam boilers with new burners improves emissions.

Currently, steam production at the Nordic Sugar plant in Nakskov is generated from three steam boilers. In addition to these three kettles, there is a summer kettle that is mainly used outside the sugar season.

One of the steam boilers is coal-fired and the other two are burner-fired with heavy heating oil and biogas.

The existing flue gas purification systems from boilers K40, K60 and K61 are currently unable to comply with the authorities’ future emission requirements, which is why it was decided to launch an optimisation plan for this.

Several options were in play, considered and explored before the final solution, which was to:

  • Rebuild the two burner-fired steam boilers from heavy heating oil into a transition solution with light heating oil with new LowNox combi burners.
  • Use biogas as additional fuel on the two boilers.
  • The installations must be ready for the upcoming “sugar campaign” (01.09.2021) with operation on light heating oil.
  • That before the “sugar campaign” 2024, the installation of natural gas must be ready and that lownox combi burners must be regulated on natural gas and comply with applicable environmental requirements.

Active Energi Anlæg A/S signed the contract with Nordic Sugar A/S Nakskov in early April 2021, containing the replacement of existing heavy oil burners on the two burner-fired steam boilers for 3 x 16.9 MW and 4 x 16.9 MW LowNox combi burners, respectively.

The new combi burners, which are mounted on each of the boilers, allow up to 5% biogas to run with the main fuel and are initially regulated on light heating oil and biogas.

When natural gas is later laid out in Nakskov in 2024, the gas installation must also be ready, and the burners regulated for this.

AEA’s work includes overall dismantling work, complete supply, and installation of the new combined gas/oil burners, plumbing and pipework, start-up and commissioning of combined gas/oil burners, complete piping system, quality assurance, working environment coordination, etc.

AEA has worked closely with SAACKE on the design and delivery of the combi burners.