New partnership: EMS and Melsing will develop green prototypes

24. September 2020

Development projects within wind, oil/gas and Power-to-X are in focus for the steel specialist EMS and the engineering company Melsing, which is establishing a new strategic partnership based in Esbjerg.


In recent years, EMS and Melsing Engineering & Consulting have gotten to know each other from projects in the wind industry, including on installation vessels, where EMS has manufactured according to the drawings by Melsing engineers.


Now the directors of the two companies have signed an agreement that will be the start of a strategic partnership with a focus on the increasing number of development projects within green energy.


“Customers are increasingly looking for partners who provide total solutions. EMS and Melsing can do this together. We want to be “the fast fish in the aquarium”, which can execute immediately and offer creative solutions in the early stages of a development project. We see a large and growing market for this type of services within green energy, says director Kenneth S. Hagelskjær from EMS.


A really good match

The focus of the new partnership will initially be prototypes in the field of energy; including not to mention the wind industry, where Melsing has for a number of years worked to position itself as a preferred engineer in the calculation of projects for both onshore and offshore.


“We have received several inquiries from our customers in the wind industry on the development of prototypes for, for example, transport, lifting and installation equipment. But we have always had the attitude that if we are to participate in production, then we must find the right partner. We have found this in EMS, which is a really good match in terms of values and level of ambition,” says CEO and owner of Melsing, Morten Melsing.


He emphasises that the strategic partnership is by no means a marriage. The two companies have entered into a flexible contract that ensures the possibility to collaborate with other companies.


International view with a base in Esbjerg

Melsing is headquartered in Middelfart, but as part of the new partnership has established a department in Esbjerg, where EMS has its production. The choice of Esbjerg in particular is of crucial importance for the strategy behind the partnership. The Port of Esbjerg is already one of the world’s hubs for offshore wind, and its location by the North Sea represents an enormous potential for future investments in green energy. Both in relation to wind, but to a large extent also Power-to-X, where in the coming years there will be a great demand for solutions for the infrastructure needed to convert electricity from wind and solar to the sustainable aircraft and marine fuel of the future.


“We have been looking at Esbjerg for a long time, and together with EMS we now have the foundation needed to become a preferred partner; not only for the wind industry and the oil/gas sector, but also for the companies that work with solutions within, for example, Power-to-X and CO2 storage. These are areas that we really believe in,” says Morten Melsing.


Although the partnership has only now become official, the two companies have already been in dialogue concerning several specific projects at home and abroad.


“Esbjerg is the platform for our collaboration, but we are looking to operate both nationally and internationally. We are going out into the wide world, and now we dare to tell customers to a greater extent that we can deliver,” says Kenneth S. Hagelskjær.




EMS specialises in the design and manufacture of steel structures, mechanical solutions, and pipe solutions with a special focus on energy and the maritime sector. The company is based in Esbjerg and has almost 13,000 m2, of which 2,800 m2 is an indoor production area. Read more at


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The Port of Esbjerg is already one of the world’s hubs for offshore wind, and its location by the North Sea represents an enormous potential for future investments in green energy. This is the opinion of the CEOs Morten Melsing (left) and Kenneth S. Hagelskjær (right) from Melsing Engineering & Consulting and EMS, respectively. The two companies will jointly develop prototypes within the field of energy.


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