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AquaGreen is an R&D engineering company within the Cleantech industry.

We develop new and innovative solutions for wastewater sludge treatment and for converting low-grade biomaterial resources into thermal energy and fertiliser.

The technology is based on Superheated Steam Drying and Pyrolysis, in an energy efficient process, where the calorific content of the sludge is utilised for drying and converting wastewater sludge into a biochar product.

The thermal energy is recoverable and can be used for district or process heating purposes. The residual biochar is rich in plant-available phosphorus and is suitable as an agricultural fertiliser.

In addition to being scalable, the technology has a high calorific value, and a well-documented and predictable content of chemical substances, including heavy metals and xenobiotics.

Development of the technology has taken place in a close collaboration with the Danish Technical University.