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The Danish Energy Authority was established in 1976, and as of 18 February 2005 is an Authority under the Ministry of Transport and Energy.

The Danish Energy Authority carries out tasks, nationally and internationally, in relation to the production, supply and consumption of energy. This means that the Authority is responsible for the whole chain of tasks linked to the production of energy and its transportation through pipelines to the stage where oil, natural gas, heat, electricity etc. are utilised for energy services by the consumer.

By establishing the correct framework and instruments in the field of energy, it is the task of the Danish Energy Authority to ensure security of supply and the responsible development of energy in Denmark from the perspectives of the economy, the environment and security.

It is the task of the Danish Energy Authority to advise the minister, to assist other authorities, to administer Danish energy legislation and to conduct analyses and assessments of the development in the field of energy, nationally and internationally.