Energy and Climate Academy
Energy and Climate Academy
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Energy and Climate Academy, ECA, is an independent and international post-graduate educational center specialising in energy, climate and environmental matters. We are the leading Academy world-wide and we have educated more than 2.000 participants.

ECA, is offering post graduate education in cooperation with leading universities, companies and organisations.

The mission for ECA is to raise the level of knowledge on energy, climate and environmental matters through courses and seminars.

We offer short, professional courses for engineers, managers, planners and others in:

  • Onshore wind energy
  • Offshore wind energy
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • Integrated Energy Systems
  • Wave and Ocean Energy
  • Water Management
  • Energy Management

We offer courses in Denmark and in various countries as Poland, USA, South Africa, Norway a.o.

We have open courses and offer also customized courses designed to the wishes of the company.