Millfield Technology Aps.
Millfield Technology Aps.
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Millfield Flow Converter (MFC) is patented Danish cleantech technology that can convert energy from rivers and tides to stable and renewable electricity or pump function (Hydropower). MFC can harvest energy in rivers with flow velocities from 0.5 to 4 m / sec.

Millfield Flow Converter consists of a compact wing module that uses water currents to generate electricity. MFC does not spoil nature, it is quiet and the wing module moves at a speed of only 15 km/h, so fish and wildlife can pass freely. MFC is 100% climate friendly and thus requires no fossil fuels.

Millfield Flow Converter can supply homes and industry near water flows with green and renewable energy. MFC can act as a decentralized energy source, which can create development, better living conditions and clean water in impassable areas and developing countries, MFC can create the necessary green energy for Power-to-X.