NorSea Wind
NorSea Wind
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NGS Wind is a multi-service provider to the offshore wind industry. The company is part of NorSea Group with 60 operating offshore companies around the world including our owner, Danbor. This makes NSG Wind an experienced and strong player on the market with access to a wide range of assets, financial backing and presence at the most important offshore wind markets globally.

The companies in NorSea Group operate in Denmark, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France and Norway with subsidiaries. Soon becoming present in Taiwan with subsidiary or joint venture and also considering subsidiary or joint venture in Northern America.

Our Services:

Subsea: More than 30 years’ experience from subsea operations.

Marine Operation: More than 50 vessel contracts entered yearly.

Port Services: More than 40 years’ experience within a wide range of port services.

Logistics: More than 40 years’ experience with handling of logistics.

Pre-assembly: More than 10 years’ experience within pre-assembly of towers, nacelles and blades, handling of components, delivery control and storekeeping, cranes and lifting equipment.

Installation: More than 10 years’ experience with supply of technicians and managers for installation, completion and commissioning to the offshore wind industry. Supply of CTV’s and support vessels.

O&M: More than 10 years’ experience with scheduled and unscheduled technical services, campaigns, general maintenance, repair and inspections. Supply of CTV’s and SOV’s.