New collaboration boosts research and innovation on energy storage

29. August 2022

Efficient storage of green energy is both a prerequisite for the green transition and a potential industrial adventure based on a Danish position of strength.

In order to support both the transition and development of energy storage, Energy Cluster Denmark and the Danish Centre for Energy Storage (DaCES) have now entered into a collaboration agreement to ensure a research-oriented and innovative sector the optimal sparring:

“Together we are able to support the overall research and innovation efforts on energy storage,” says Glenda Napier, CEO of Energy Cluster Denmark, and Head of Secretariat Anne Marie Damgaard from DaCES agrees:

With a clear division of labour, companies, universities and knowledge institutions engaged in energy storage and conversion get qualified and competent help and support when they need it,” she says.

DaCES brings together new knowledge and research within energy storage from Danish universities and knowledge institutions across technology, society and education, and Energy Cluster Denmark is good at taking the next steps when companies’ technology development is to be secured financing and out on the market and make a green difference.

“With the partnership, we ensure that there is full support all the way from innovative thinking to new technological solution,” says Glenda Napier.

You can hear more about the collaboration between Energy Cluster Denmark and the Danish Centre for Energy Storage at DaCES anniversary on 14 September, where Glenda Napier and Anne Marie Damgaard are on stage.

Take a look at the program:

“Together with Energy Cluster Denmark, we work to bring knowledge into play with companies in the short and long term for the benefit of Denmark’s green transition”

Anne Marie Damgaard, Head of Secretariat, DaCES