Transport of packages and other goods during servicing of wind turbines today includes a lot of transport back and forth from ship to turbine and dependence on the ship’s availability when the goods are to be used. This is also the case if a special tool or spare part is needed that would otherwise get the turbine up and running faster. Streamlining service logistics can significantly reduce costs at O&M.

Idea for solution

Packages of up to 40 kg, containing spare parts for maintenance, can be delivered directly to the nacelle on top of the turbine, up to 80 km from land and in most weather conditions, and while the turbine is still in operation. The increased value is reduced time for maintenance, greater flexibility in planning, less dependence on the weather and increased safety for the crew, all of which contribute to reducing costs. ADD2wind will, together with Danish wind operators, demonstrate that the concept is technically, commercially and legally applicable by performing a series of deliveries of 40 kg packages in different weather situations at three of Denmark’s largest offshore wind farms.

Project deliveries

  • Test and demonstration of new drone concept
  • Demonstration at 3 Danish offshore wind farms
  • Development of semi-autonomous flight

Problem owners

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Project timeline

PHASE 1: Conceptualisation
PHASE 2: Development and testing
PHASE 3: Demonstration and validation
PHASE 4: Commercialisation

Financed by


Start: April 2021
End: October 2024
Funding: DKK 14.408.469

Contact person

Bjarke Koldsø Mortensen

Bjarke Koldsø Mortensen
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 3151 8750