Industrial production and processing sites often lack energy consumption data, which means they also lack actionable data insights needed to realise energy savings. Industrial companies see data collection as an expensive investment with uncertain returns, leading them to neglect a major cost reduction opportunity. Meanwhile, society loses out on a major opportunity to save energy.

Solution idea

The AVES project will develop a standardised offering consisting of an aftermarket sensor kit and software that will provide businesses with actionable insights on changes they can make to their machinery operations in order to save energy. Additionally, the system will facilitate predictive maintenance to avoid problems with machinery that can result in energy losses.

Project deliverables

A complete set-up comprising an instrument panel and sensors for industrial production line monitoring, designed to achieve energy savings via planned maintenance and production control.

Problem owners

Problem solvers

This project is financed by Energy Cluster Denmark’s Energy Technology Innovation (ETI) support programme. It offers three years of support to allow small- and medium-sized businesses to collaboratively develop innovative electronic products focused on energy optimisation. The ETI project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project timeline

PHASE 1: Conceptualisation
PHASE 2: Development and testing
PHASE 3: Demonstration and validation
PHASE 4: Commercialisation

Financed by


Start: November 2019
End: November 2023
Funding: DKK 3.479.875

Contact person

Hans Jørgen Brodersen

Hans Jørgen Brodersen
Senior Project Manager
Tlf: +45 2688 0228