The purpose of this project is to realise the potential for growth in businesses concerned with energy-efficient technologies, and to lay the foundation for optimised cluster services and new cluster activities, based on these businesses’ specific development needs.

Business-orientated services

Through Energy Cluster Denmark’s business database and members, CLEAN 3.0 highlights and realises hidden potentials, development projects, and innovative collaborations to promote growth and employment at businesses throughout Denmark. The project’s primary target group is SMEs focused on energy-efficient technologies.

Free services and events

Participation in CLEAN 3.0’s activities is free to businesses. We are ready to develop projects, communicate ideas, evaluate concepts, and enter into close collaborations with businesses, public institutions, and institutes of knowledge.

Focus on energy-efficient technologies

When it comes to businesses concerned with energy-efficient technologies, Denmark is in a position of global strength. A 2016 survey by the Region of Southern Denmark supports this position, showing that Denmark is home to 6500 businesses, with some 30% of the total employment and turnover in this sector situated in the Region of Southern Denmark. 80% of these businesses predict rising turnover, and more than half of these businesses expect to increase employment within this sector due to increasing demand and positive market developments.

Project deliverables

Participants in the project’s activities, centred around:

  • Matchmaking
  • Events
  • Project development
  • Internationalisation

Goal: 570
Achieved: 900

Specific innovative collaborations and commercial collaborations:

Goal: 28
Achieved: 28

Businesses are involved with collaboration facilitation in the form of:

  • Matchmaking between businesses and potential collaborative partners
  • Launching of shared product development initiatives
  • Launching of shared business development

Goal: 130
Achieved: 163

Businesses participate in international activities, including:

  • Travel in delegations to foreign cities, industry events, and businesses
  • Events focused on exports and international opportunities

Goal: 50
Achieved: 58


Financed by


Start: Januar 2017
End: December 2020
Grant: DKK 10.670.150

Contact person

Charlotte Baumgartner

Charlotte Baumgartner
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 8144 9255