LowTemp 2.0

The purpose of the LowTemp project is that partners from nine Baltic Sea regions will make district heating in their regions and municipalities more sustainable by implementing low-temperature district heating in their energy supply systems.

The challenge

The energy supply for heating and cooling in Europe and the Baltic Sea region corresponds to more than a third of the final energy consumption. In order to achieve the EU’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions, modernization of existing district heating systems and networks is needed, especially in the Baltic Sea region.

Idea for the solution

The LowTemp project will create awareness and share knowledge among those responsible, both public and private institutions, about the need to implement sustainable energy supply systems that enable the use of renewable or unused surplus heat and heat distribution at low temperatures. In order to create the necessary knowledge, the project will develop knowledge platforms, which i.a. consists of training material, business models, financing structures and pilot strategies. The LowTemp project therefore contributes to achieving the goals of EU2020 by promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. Read more about the project here: www.lowtemp.eu

Project deliveries

  • Development of knowledge platforms in district heating in the Baltic Sea region.
  • Assessment and analysis of business models and financing structures for low-temperature district heating.
  • Preparation of training material in 9 languages, including holding seminars and training programs.
  • Preparation of pilot strategies for selected municipalities.
  • Preparation of pilot testing measures of low temperature district heating technologies and measurements.

Problem partners

Project video

In this video, project manager Anne B. Holm gives a presentation of the comprehensive material about low temperature district heating, which has been developed in the project Low temp 2.0 and how you can use it.


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Start: January 2021

Slut: December 2021

Contact person

Anne Baastrup Holm

Anne Baastrup Holm
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 2534 7144