The problem lies in the fact that it is difficult and expensive to achieve the necessary monitoring with the solutions available in the market today. Monitoring energy flows necessitates breaking into multi-wire power cables, and it is difficult to establish effective AI (artificial intelligence)-driven monitoring because these sensors cannot be controlled automatically from cloud AI solutions. Nevertheless, the estimated global energy installation market size is 18 billion EUR per year, growing at a rate of 7.5% per year.

In short, it is expensive and difficult to achieve the necessary monitoring for multi-wire power cables in order to implement AI-based energy flow monitoring solutions that would make it possible to realise energy optimisations.

Solution idea

In this large market, we have developed a patented solution that combines clamp-on sensors with cloud AI, making it possible to monitor the energy flow from the outsides of power cables.

Project deliverables

  1. Basic methods for time synchronisation and data exchange, implemented as software prototype (AU)
  2. Basic methods for the calibration algorithm, user interfaces, cloud back-end updates, etc. implemented as software prototype (ReMoni)
  3. Solution tested by end users and adaptations prioritised (Expero and DEM)
  4. Complete solution implemented, tested, and updated for TRL8 (ReMoni) Month 15

Project owner

Problem solvers

This project is financed by Energy Cluster Denmark’s Promoting Innovation in Green Energy Technology (FIE, from the Danish initials) support programme. It offers three years of support to allow small- and medium-sized businesses to collaboratively develop innovative electronic products focused on energy optimisation. The FIE project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project timeline

PHASE 1: Conceptualisation
PHASE 2: Development and testing
PHASE 3: Demonstration and validation
PHASE 4: Commercialisation

Financed by


Start: November 2019
End: June 2021
Grant: DKK 1.078.784

Contact person

Hans Jørgen Brodersen

Hans Jørgen Brodersen
Senior Project Manager
Tlf: +45 2688 0228