The director of Denmark’s new energy cluster has been appointed

18. June 2020

Glenda Napier has become the new CEO of Energy Cluster Denmark, Denmark’s new, merged cluster organisation for the entire energy sector.

With the choice of Glenda Napier as director of Energy Cluster Denmark, the new, merged cluster organisation for energy will have a visionary, experienced, and dynamic director at the helm.

It is among the superlatives that Energy Cluster Denmark’s chairman of the board Peder Østermark Andreasen links to the appointment of Glenda Napier:

“She is simply a well-qualified candidate who, even in a strong field of applicants, managed to shine brightly. In Denmark, we have great ambitions for the energy sector, and it requires innovation to achieve goals. It is absolutely crucial that the new director of Energy Cluster Denmark, with a clear vision and a strong drive, can lead the overall innovation initiative. Glenda has proven that she is capable of bringing the sector together around a strong cluster vision. This will be needed in Energy Cluster Denmark, where we will have an even larger field of operation,” he says.

Glenda Napier (46 years) has since 2016 been at the head of the Energy Innovation Cluster, Denmark’s cluster organisation for energy production and one of the three clusters that are now united in Energy Cluster Denmark. The other two are House of Energy and CLEAN Energy.

She is very much looking forward to leading the innovation work in a unified energy sector:

It is an incredibly exciting task, and I look forward to working purposefully to solve the sector’s concrete challenges and deliver clear, measurable results for the benefit of Danish companies’ competitiveness and a green transformation of Denmark. We must work together across a single energy system to deliver the innovation needed to achieve our goal of a 70 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030,” says Glenda Napier.

She sees a clear potential in strengthened collaboration across the energy sector in a coherent energy system.

“We must gather the members across the entire energy system and create a Danish Silicon Valley in the energy sector. The world demands new solutions within energy technology, and many people look to Denmark to find them. We have all the prerequisites for developing ground-breaking innovation in partnerships between SMEs, global market leaders, public institutions and leading research and knowledge institutions,” says Glenda Napier.

Energy Cluster Denmark has been merged with effect from 1 July 2020.