Who wins Innovation Project of the Year?

27. April 2022

Every year, Energy Cluster Denmark announces the winner of innovation project of the year. Here you can read about the projects nominated for the award, which will be presented at Energy Cluster Denmark’s annual meeting on 5 May.

AVES, ECO-RAN, PowerClamp and Uvedkommende vand. These are the titles of the four projects nominated for Innovation Project of the Year in 2022. Again this year, we name the project that, among a number of innovative projects, stands out as the one most members of Energy Cluster Denmark have voted for as the best completed project from the past year.

Each project is based on our project model, which always has a problem owner and one or more problem solvers with it. The problem owner is typically a large company or an authority – the solvers are typically small and medium-sized companies, start-ups, and researchers from knowledge institutions. Common to all projects is that they take products and services from idea to final, commercial product.

And the nominees are:

AVES: The AVES project partners developed a standardized market offering of a retrofitted sensor kit and software that will give companies actionable insight into where machines’ operating schedule should be changed to save energy, as well as predictive maintenance where machine failures result in energy losses.

ECO-RAN: An automated management system that regulates the performance of mobile and data masts in relation to the specific demand for mobile and data communication in the local area, thereby streamlining the energy consumption of the masts.

PowerClamp: A new IoT cloud-based control system that collects and processes high-frequency data via so-called PowerClamps to monitor and control energy consumption at the application level.

Uvedkommende Vand: An automated control system of pumps that relieves the wastewater system by predicting surface water overflow and rising groundwater levels.

The winner among the four projects will be found on 5 May 2022 at our annual meeting in Randers. If you want to join, you can sign up HERE