Without green transport, we will not reach our goal

18. November 2020

We literally have to pour greener fuel into our tanks if we are to reach all the way to the 70 percent reduction target by 2030. The Power-2-Mobility conference offers a glimpse of the green transport of the future.

What should we refuel the plane with when crossing the Atlantic? What fuel should trucks use and what should container ships of the future bunker?

These are questions we need to find answers to if we are to realise our common ambition of a 70% CO2 reduction by 2030.

Just over a quarter of Danish CO2 emissions related to transport come from heavy traffic, and the proportion is increasing. If we are to achieve our climate goals, we must have more impetus to develop sustainable fuels and batteries so that it makes a difference.

These years, Power-2-X technologies are moving at a rapid pace, and the attention to the technologies is not only from the laboratories, the researchers, and the technological pioneers, but also ministries, politicians, and investors.

So, when the engineering association IDA and Denmark’s cluster organisation for energy Energy Cluster Denmark on 1 December presents the online conference Power2Mobility and brings together all the key value chains and actors on a common green transport agenda based on Power-2-X, it is a very hot topic. Read more about the event here: www.energycluster.dk/events/power2mobility-webinar

A range of solutions

We need all sorts of energy-efficient, sustainable solutions if we are to meet the goals. There is no one technology that is the total solution to all the needs of the future – there is a range of innovative, technological solutions that should get us to reach our goals.

The conference is characterised by this.

The conference will present a wide range of Power-2-X technologies from several stages in the value chain and at several stages of the development journey. Power-to-Battery solutions and Power-to-X technologies are central, particularly in the field of transport. The faster we can lift those technologies, the faster we can connect sustainable fuels to the list of results regarding the green transition.

There will be a focus on the interaction between the developers of green fuel for transport and the developers of transport technologies and on the possibilities of coordinating two industries that are each other’s prerequisite – and there will be an opportunity to rev up the technologies under development and change.

You are welcome to watch and hear institutes, think tanks and companies such as Maersk, Cowi, Ørsted, SAS, Concito, DTU, Shell and Alstom debate about the green transport of the future.