APQP4Wind network kick-off webinar

3. marts 2022 – 13:00 – 14:30 ONLINE

Join our webinar regarding the start-up of an APQP4Wind network

If your company is involved in the wind turbine industry as a manufacturer, supplier or sub-contractor and you are looking for professional sparring, we recommend that you sign up for our webinar regarding the start-up of an APQP4wind network.

During the webinar we will give you a short introduction to our thoughts and ideas about the APQP4Wind network. Your input is very much welcome during the webinar. After the start-up meeting we hope that you are interested in joining the network – naturally there are no strings attached.

Some of the topics in this network could be:

  • APQP4Wind challenges.
  • News regarding APQP4Wind.
  • Implementation of APQP4Wind.
  • Audit of APQP4Wind processes.
  • Cases based on the manual, exhanging experiences, networking and other topics the members find interesting.

The project managers of the network are:
Peter Worck
Manager for the
APQP4Wind Network

Ivan Mikkelsen
Manager for the
APQP4Wind Network &
APQP4Wind Tutor

In case of questions
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our Network Coordinator, Zanne Johnsson at
+45 2076 6585 or zanne.johnsson@bureauveritas.com

What is APQP4Wind?

In short APQP4Wind is a quality standard that has been adapted to the conditions in the wind industry. With APQP4Wind you get the tools to have a common language with your customers and partners so you can optimize efficiency and quality. Moreover, you can documentation your skills to customers and suppliers.