INNO-CCUS workshop – Esbjerg

9. april 2024 – 10:00 – 13:00 Britanniavej 10

Energy Cluster Denmark, building upon the ambitions of the INNO-CCUS partnership, has taken the initiative to organize a series of workshops. The primary purpose of these workshops is to create a platform for participants to openly deliberate and share insights regarding the various possibilities and challenges within the CCUS sector.

These workshops have a dual objective: First, to facilitate innovative progress within the CCUS- value chain by enhancing project development. Second, to encourage the formation of consortia that can seize upcoming funding opportunities in 2024 (e.g., Pool 3 of INNO-CCUS, the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP), Innovation Fund Denmark, and the European Union (EU)).

The workshop aim to foster innovative project ideas, address potential barriers, involve small or midsize companies and ultimately contribute to the maturation and readiness of key CCUS technologies. Additionally, they serve as a strategic mechanism for leveraging available funding opportunities and to drive and coordinate advancements in the field.


1) Introduction to funding possibilities 2024
To kick off the workshops, participants are briefed on the various funding avenues available in the coming year, providing them with a clear understanding of the financial support that can be tapped into for upcoming projects.

2) Presentation of a project already running in INNO-CCUS
Presentation of the project, CCUS-infrastructures, by Jakob Zinck Tellufsen, AAU Plan

3) Discussion in groups
Participants are divided into groups, focusing on challenges and barriers in the CCUS value chain. The groups will discuss possible new projects and start the initial project development in their specific aspect or sub-topic related to CCUS.

4) Presentation of project ideas in plenum
Following group discussions, each group presents their project ideas and findings to the entire workshop audience to secure the sharing of insights from different perspectives.

5) Next steps
The workshops conclude with a discussion of the next steps in each project development and consortia formation process by outlining action plans, identifying potential partners, and discussing the timeline for project initiation. We will also focus on which needs the participants will have to move forward with the projects.

6) Lunch and networking

Not living near Esbjerg?

This workshop is one of three and there will be a workshop in Aalborg and one in Copenhagen aswell.

Register for the workshop in Esbjerg here