Webinar: Future skills, training and safety scenarios in the maritime industry

1. marts 2023 – 8:45 – 9:45 Online

How do you prepare ship crews for the green fuels of the future? What scenarios must future crew members be prepared for? Do we know what skills are needed?

Join our webinar and get new ideas from different approaches to future training of ship crews:

Platform: Adobe Connect (the link will be sent to you the day before the webinar)

We can expect that the new generation of ships will be more unique and diversified with different combinations of propulsion, new fuels with other properties and thus, many new, tailored routines on the individual ships.

When the design is ready and the ship is built, the crew is responsible for safe operation. At the same time, they experience uncertainty and lack of experience in how the fuels are handled. We can also expect new ship types to bring unknown risks and new fire scenarios. The introduction of green fuels is therefore not only a technical change, it also entails a radical change in the way we think about training.

The webinar is relevant for you working in the maritime industry, human resources in energy and transportation and PtX.


Three approaches to future training:

  • Julia Cora from Hydrogen Europe Research will introduce us to the European approach to addressing future skills needs and present a concrete example of the hydrogen sector
  • Lotte Kragh Andersen from RelyOn Nutec will present their approach for training seafarers on ships of the future
  • Nicklas Sjøgren Koch from DBI will introduce training focusing on human factors in new fire scenarios on ships