Bladena ApS
Bladena ApS

Bladena specializes in structural understanding of wind turbine blades. The company was founded in 2011 as a spin-out from Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Here advanced knowledge of blades was accumulated for over 10 years.

Bladena provides solutions that eliminate the root cause of structural damages on blades. Additionally, Bladena also offers extensive know-how of blades in the shape of advanced technical services such as Root Cause Analysis (RCAs), blade risk assessment as well as expert advice regarding structural blade understanding.

Furthermore, Bladena helps the industry by providing intensive structural blade courses for e.g. WTOs, insurance companies or law adjusters and heads a range of nationally funded projects supported by EUDP being a hub for the whole wind industry value chain, e.g. the CORTIR project.

The work Bladena is doing targets the reduction of Operation and Maintenance costs e.g. by optimizing blades maintenance strategies of blades. The focus is on the impact of structural damages on blades from an OPEX perspective by considering Cost and Risk as part of the blade lifetime.