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FORCE Technology
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FORCE Technology is widely recognized for our broad and specialized knowledge within the offshore and marine industries. Whether you need NDT, condition-monitoring systems, pressure equipment, welding technical advice, a drone inspection or verification of your design we are at your disposal.

Our independent third-party body, FORCE Certification A/S, can supply inspection, product certification, management systems and certification of people. FORCE Certification A/S is appointed as notified body within a number of European Directives as well.

World-class facilities and know-how
One of the key benefits of working with FORCE Technology is our world-class test facilities and equipment operated by our highly skilled personnel.

Our customers also have access to the latest know-how and technologies within our areas of expertise and to our comprehensive international knowledge network.

Every year, we collaborate with customers in over 70 countries bringing them cost-effective solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

FORCE Technology is a leading, impartial technology consultant and service provider that aims to make the world more sustainable and safe. Being the largest RTO in Denmark thousands of clients entrust their products, materials or structures to FORCE Technology every year. They come to us with their latest potentials or most difficult challenges, which require highly skilled expertise and unique facilities.

Our more than 1,100 employees convert highly specialized engineering know-how into cost-effective solutions for a wide range of companies.

Our core competencies cover energy and resource efficiency, material technology, hydro- and aerodynamics, integrity management, inspection and testing.

1. Non-destructive testing

  1. Material management and corrosion control
  2. Inspection
  3. Welding
  4. Subsea services
  5. Pressure vessel inspections
  6. Offshore wind turbines
  7. Training
  8. Boats/offshore vessels