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KIRT x THOMSEN is a design and innovation consultancy offering conceptualization, co-creation and visualization applied in R&D processes.

Our focus is to boost communication, decision making, transparency and understanding for our clients. Improving the quality of the final outcome and shortening of time to market for our clients R&D projects is our mission.

KIRT x THOMSEN consults in all phases from research and ideation through development and communication of the complex. We enable our clients to visually intrigue, inform and convince their stakeholders whether they are investors or top management.  Our clients are startups, private corporations and public organizations developing and promoting products, services and solutions for a sustainable future.

Service Areas

Visual Communication
We visualize your ideas and challenges, whether it is a new industrial product, an innovative logistics system or a complex information system. Visualization means getting a overview, to see the full picture and be able to show others. Visual formats can be; sketch, 2D, 3D, video and 3D animated videos.

Visual Support of R&D Process
We apply visualization as a continuous service throughout a R&D process. The continuous visualization of new idea and challenges enables our customers exploit all knowledge available within the collaborating team. Visualization means better decision-making, as the visualization bring down the complexity of the subject, and allows for better knowledge sharing. This service is relevant for in relation to R&D projects of great complexity and where multiple stakeholders are involved in the development process.

Innovation Management
Centered around our service of visual support throughout the R&D process, we take the role as project managers. We enable our client to free internal resources, and have a transparent and efficient development process taken care of by KIRT THOMSEN.