MASH Energy ApS (MASH Biotech)
MASH Energy ApS (MASH Biotech)
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MASH Energy ApS is a Danish SME based in Copenhagen that specialises in turning waste resources into valuable and sustainable commodities.

MASH was founded in 2015 as a spinout from the Technical University of Denmark (further on DTU), with the aim to commercialise the DTU-developed thermochemical technologies in biomass processing. Currently, we sell a unique, modular pyrolysis and gasification solutions, which can transform a variety of feedstock (nut shells, agro-waste, river and ocean debris), into commodities as electricity, fuel bio-oil and biochar. Thanks to our unique approach to supply chain establishment and technology development, we also commercialise these commodities, offering them at a similar price than their unsustainable competitors.

MASH has developed a set of groundbreaking solutions, which are tailored to the needs of emerging energy demands: The ME-G101C containerized, modular gasifier for electricity production and the MB-P015C, a containerized pyrolysis reactor for bio-oil and biochar production.