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Roxtec Denmark ApS
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The Roxtec sealing system is smart, and our invention Multidiameter™ is an expression of ingenious reliability. You can always ensure a perfect fit to your cable or pipe and thereby a completely safe seal.

This innovation for adaptability through sealing modules with removable layers simplifies installation onsite since you always have the right module size at hand. You can easily handle any late design changes regarding the amount or size of cables and pipes in the field.

  • Ingenious reliability – adaptable to maximize safety
  • Ready for changes – designed to handle any surprise
  • Prepared for upgrades – “future included” feature

Roxtec multi-cable transits and pipe seals present huge advantages when compared to traditional systems with fixed sealing module sizes. Roxtec sealing modules adapt to various cables and pipes, so you have everything you need available to seal all penetrations.

  • Space saving
  • Handles high cable density
  • Ready for pre-terminated cables
  • Fast assembly
  • Provides spare capacity
  • Easy to add new cables and retro fit
  • Increases efficiency
  • Simplifies logistics
  • Provides long-term benefits