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STRECON is a leading developer and manufacturer of prestressing tool systems and hydraulic press and machine systems based on the stripwinding technology, and robot precision polishing of metal forming tools and injection molds with 2D and 3D geometries. We provide innovative and high-quality tooling and machinery solutions to global industries, and most of the manufacturing, assembly and testing are done in-house at STRECON’s own facilities in Sønderborg, Denmark.

STRECON has recently started developing an automatic manufacturing system for high-volume production of polymer-based flow plates which take part of fuel cells. The production system will be able to improve the cycle times at least by ten (10) times compared to the current method of making the flow plates while ensuring a high and consistent product quality.

The manufacturing cell concept for high-volume production of polymer-based flow plates could include the following equipment units:

  • Dosing of the polymer materials into the press molds,
  • Heating of the polymer materials and press molds,
  • Pressing of flow plates
  • Deforming of the flow plates after the press operation
  • Cleaning of the press molds before powder dosing
  • Indexing table carrying the press molds between the individual stations
  • Other and auxiliary equipment units

The new equipment development project is part of STRECON’s long-term strategy to becoming a branded supplier of manufacturing and equipment solutions to the global fuel cell industry, and particularly about the press system it shall be highlighted that the press frame itself would be compressed by stripwinding. This technology would allow for a very compact and high-performing press system.

STRECON does also plan to develop manufacturing concepts for other components that take part of fuel cells, for example automatic equipment solutions for stacking the individual fuel cell elements.

STRECON’s has a strong experience and a well-grounded set of engineering and manufacturing competences for developing, manufacturing, and servicing innovative, high-quality equipment solutions for high-end companies. This technical background will be used as a lever for becoming a trusted equipment manufacturer in the global fuel cell industry.

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