Xer Technologies AB
Xer Technologies AB
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Xer Technologies AB is a Swedish company dedicated to design, produce and market Heavy Duty Drone Solutions through a customisable drone platform. We are located in Helsingborg, Sweden, where the company has resided over the past decade. In 2011 the company started as an early pioneer in commercial drone flying within search & rescue and surveillance services, quickly building a reputation as a leader in its field.

In October 2021 the company launched its first drone offering, the X-12 and X-8. These powerful drones allow for customisable sensor configurations and are designed for Heavy Duty missions such as large infrastructure inspection, border control, search & rescue, humanitarian action and environmental monitoring.

The X-12 is the most heavy duty hybrid multirotor drone on the market today delivering up to 4 hours flight time with 20kg payloads. It can replace helicopters and other manned vehicles for a range of missions, so you can expand your business capabilities while reducing risks, costs and energy use.  X8 is the lighter variant yet delivers up to 2 hours flight time with 3kg payload.  Both X12 and X8 are designed to be ready in minutes and stay in flight even in adverse weather conditions.

Xer also develops solutions combining our drones, customised sensors and dedicated software and AI to deliver heightened actionable insights to our customers.  Our goal is to develop and deliver the next generation of Heavy Duty drone solutions.