Energy Cluster Denmark and Green Hub Denmark to enter into a new strategic partnership on boosting innovation in North Jutland

16. March 2021
Glenda Napier, CEO, Energy Cluster Denmark, and Michael Stie Laugesen, Projektchief, Green Hub Denmark.     Photo © Michael Bo Rasmussen / Baghuset.

Energy Cluster Denmark and Green Hub Denmark will now be working closely together on the development of green energy tech solutions, as well as making North Jutland an important demonstrator, test facility and living lab for demonstration projects in the field of energy.

Green Hub Denmark is a North Jutland-based co-operation platform for green business development. The ambition is to make the region globally renowned as a large-scale testing and demonstration centre for green solutions. And Green Hub Denmark sees considerable potential in even closer collaboration with Energy Cluster Denmark, which is based in Aalborg.

“We see Energy Cluster Denmark as an important actor in building partnerships for testing and demonstrations in the field of energy. Via the energy cluster’s network and member companies, we always try to provide the best team in terms of testing and demonstrating innovative solutions for a climate-neutral society. At the same time, the Green Hub Denmark partnership can provide the infrastructure, buildings, vehicles, areas, etc. that can help test the green solutions that the cluster is involved in developing,” says Michael Stie Laugesen, project manager at Green Hub Denmark.

Ambition of turning Denmark into a climate leader

Energy Cluster Denmark is Denmark’s cluster organisation for the entire energy sector, and with a project portfolio of DKK 800 million, the cluster is focusing on ensuring that Danish companies develop new innovations and technological energy solutions that will be in global demand in the years leading up to 2030 and beyond.

Energy Cluster Denmark and Green Hub Denmark have a common ambition of making Denmark a global leader in climate mitigation solutions, and the collaboration allows the two organisations to ensure the involvement of the entire ecosystem and help companies test and develop their innovative ideas and technologies in a real-life context.

For Energy Cluster Denmark, North Jutland is a geographical area with lots of green companies and considerable growth potential. Energy Cluster Denmark is headquartered in Aalborg, and is currently focused on strengthening North-Jutland-based companies’ involvement in new innovation activities and projects. This will boost growth among SMEs in the region as well as aid in the development and deployment of new energy tech solutions in areas such as carbon capture storage, decommissioning, power-to-X and energy efficiency.  The co-operation with Green Hub Denmark is also important to Energy Cluster Denmark.

“Green Hub Denmark is a wonderful consequence of the clear green ambitions that the region of North Jutland has expressed for several years. We look forward to a tightly co-ordinated collaboration in which we can complement each other’s strengths and benefit the growth and green competitiveness of companies in North Jutland. We are working on the green transition together and will be collaborating through concrete tests and demonstrations, as well as through activities in our innovation projects in the energy cluster. This can contribute to the creation of new, local jobs and green growth, not only in North Jutland, but in the rest of the country too,” says Glenda Napier, CEO of Energy Cluster Denmark.