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  • 31. May 2022

    New Innovation Roadmap 2022: The Energy Cluster’s Challenge Catalogue Becomes More Finely Meshed
    The next round of Energy Cluster Denmark's Innovation Roadmap has just been launched, and in the future the ambition is to get SMEs and universities more closely involved in defining the energy cluster's biggest challenges.
  • 17. May 2022

    The energy sector’s innovative companies are chasing development and growth
    Since February 2022, a number of companies have participated in the Beyond Beta program, moving startups toward increased growth.
  • 11. May 2022

    New specification makes it easier, more cost-effective and scalable to recycle turbine blades
    The DecomBlades innovation project has designed a new disposal specification targeted at recycling companies that want to recycle turbine blades.
  • 9. May 2022

    ECO-RAN wins Innovation Project of the Year
    Innovative software for mobile masts wins Innovation Project of the Year at Energy Cluster Denmark's annual meeting 2022.
  • 28. April 2022

    New sensor makes hydrogen production better and cheaper
    In the innovation project SafePTX, Green Hydrogen Systems, SulfiLogger and several other partners are developing a sensor that makes hydrogen production cheaper, better and safer.
  • 27. April 2022

    Who wins Innovation Project of the Year?
    Here you can read about the projects nominated for the award, which will be presented at Energy Cluster Denmark's annual meeting on 5 May.
  • 25. April 2022

    Sector coupling is the solution…
    It is by breaking down silos and connecting sectors across the board that we can achieve our common climate goals for 2030 and 2050.
  • 10. April 2022

    Haldor Topsøe enters green fuel consortium
    In the project, a broad consortium will make fuel for aircraft and ships greener. Now Haldor Topsøe is taking part in the partner circle to boost the effort.
  • 17. March 2022

    Denmark’s energy cluster moves into Region Zealand
    Energy Cluster Denmark strengthens its commitment to Region Zealand with a new location in Vordingborg. The effort will help to increase the green transition of the entire region.
  • 17. March 2022

    Innovative software saves money and power for mobile carriers
    Better bottom line and less carbon footprint is why Telia and Telenor have invested in new software developed by the North Jutlandic company, 2operate in an innovation project.
  • 3. March 2022

    Drones to deliver gear offshore
    ESVAGT, Upteko and Siemens Gamesa will make it easier to supply equipment from ships to offshore wind technicians. A new project looks at the possibility of solving the task of fully automated drones.
  • 25. February 2022

    Finally, Denmark’s lighthouses got the green light
    Fortunately, three of Denmark's new commercial lighthouse towers focus on energy technologies and even more of the new lighthouses are in different ways related to green transition.
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