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  • 27. September 2021

    Digitalisation offers great opportunities for the energy sector
    The cluster organisations Energy Cluster Denmark and DigitalLead will increase the spread of digitalisation in the energy sector.
  • 6. October 2021

    Members only: Six new energy technology innovation networks
    Energy Cluster Denmark is now adding six newly created innovation networks to its membership benefits.
  • 8. September 2021

    Wind farm owners and turbine manufacturers join forces on drone deliveries of spare parts
    Four of the giants of the wind industry will supply offshore wind farms with spare parts using innovative drones. Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, Ørsted and Vattenfall see great potential in fast and flexible drone delivery with the innovation project ADD2wind.
  • 7. September 2021

    COWI gives top marks to Energy Cluster Denmark
    In a new evaluation, Energy Cluster Denmark's innovation model receives top marks from COWI for establishing and implementing collaborations between almost 50 small and medium-sized companies and knowledge institutions.
  • 26. August 2021

    Two clusters get a leg on Lolland – welcome to Energy Cluster Denmark and WE BUILD DENMARK
    Lolland's green power must be fully promoted in the development of the energy system of the future. This is the goal of the new collaboration between Denmark's business promotion cluster and Lolland's large energy partnership, REEL. This will create new green growth.
  • 19. August 2021

    New large CCS project aims to restructure oil and gas companies and create new business areas
    The ambition to store millions of tonnes of CO2 in the subsoil has come a big step closer, after 30 Danish and foreign companies and research institutions have just signed an agreement on the next phase of the Greensand project under the leadership of Ineos.
  • 17. August 2021

    Drone inspection shows great potential in several industries
    Innovationsprojektet Quali Drone kan effektivisere og forbedre inspektion af store strukturer og samtidig reducere risiko ved arbejde i højden. Det kan mange industrier bruge.
  • 11. August 2021

    “We haven’t just developed an app, but an entirely new phone”
    An innovation project in Energy Cluster Denmark has demonstrated surprisingly large benefits from digitalising corrosion monitoring at Semco Maritime, including the potential to reduce the costs by two-thirds.
  • 4. August 2021

    “With PTX, electricity becomes a raw material for decarbonising new sectors”
    If the agriculture and shipping sectors are to achieve their climate targets, green power needs to be refined into climate-neutral fertiliser and fuel. That is why CIP is building Europe’s largest Power-to-X facility in Esbjerg.
  • 26. July 2021

    We support the historic transformation of the energy sector
    Sector coupling is at the heart of the green society of the future, which all countries, businesses and citizens will have to deal with. The energy sector is the key to this and probably the most exciting and innovative sector in Denmark today.
  • 26. July 2021

    Surplus heat from supermarket cooling can be recycled as district heating
    With the climate agreement, it has become possible to direct surplus heat from supermarkets directly into the district heating network. Now the innovation project shows that it is also economically viable.
  • 20. July 2021

    Fruitful international co-operation
    Energy Cluster Denmark collaborates with other cluster organisations abroad on specific B2B matchmaking events, cluster collaborations, knowledge bridging projects and value chain building.
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