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  • 24. June 2024

    New power partnership to improve energy sector forecasts by 10 percent
    ENFOR, Ørsted, DMI, and several other partners aim to improve energy forecasts for solar and wind energy in the energy sector. The goal is to reduce imbalances and the costs of system services that ensure the production and consumption of green electricity in Denmark.
  • 11. June 2024

    DataPilots Wins EU Funding to Enhance Digital Skills for Europe’s Green Energy Transition
    DataPilots, based in Esbjerg, has secured EU funding for coaching and expert advice to leverage its digital capabilities in supporting the green transformation of Europe's energy systems.
  • 8. May 2024

    KurvedCores: The Ambition is to Lighten Wind Turbine Blade Cores
    A partnership of companies and researchers will save up to 3 kilograms per square meter of wind turbine blade. This will happen in the new collaboration KurvedCores, where the goal is to introduce a fully automated production process in the wind industry to replace manual product
  • 3. May 2024

    Hydrogen sensor for safe production passes two thousand hours in test
    A newly developed hydrogen sensor from SulfiLogger A/S has surpassed two thousand hours of testing in an electrolysis plant from Green Hydrogen Systems. This milestone was reached in collaboration with several innovative partners from the Danish value chain for Power-to-X, aiming
  • 2. May 2024

    Underwater Robot Wins Innovation Project of the Year 2024
    Partners across the energy sector have created a new underwater robot that can save the offshore industry millions of kroner. The ACOMAR robot has now also won the Innovation Project of the Year award from Energy Cluster Denmark.
  • 25. April 2024

    New thermal energy storage inaugurated in Esbjerg
    The green ribbon has just been cut at a new energy storage facility at Semco Maritime in Esbjerg, Denmark. Hyme Energy, DIN Forsyning, and several other partners have constructed the world's first thermal energy storage that will store green electricity from renewable sources ...
  • 23. April 2024

    European Wind Partners Save Time and Money on Technical Documentation through New Guidelines
    Siemens Gamesa, Vestas, Ørsted, Vattenfall and several other partners are collaborating on developing new guidelines that interpret standards for the wind industry. The first guidelines are ready for use and will ensure consistent documentation of technical information.
  • 17. April 2024

    CSK Group vinder EU-midler til bedre brug af data i energisektoren
    CSK Group ApS has received funding through the ELBE Eurocluster EU program to improve the energy sector's work with data and digitalization. The grant will be used to develop an addition to the company’s Software as a Service system Insemito. This will ensure correct customs proc
  • 3. April 2024

    DynElectro is ready for Power-to-X industrial scale testing
    After a successful prototype test of a new electrolysis technology, Danish company DynElectro has moved a step closer to green hydrogen production on an industrial scale.
  • 15. March 2024

    Danisk Ports Could Become International Models for Handling Green Fuels and CO2
    The ports of Hanstholm and Frederikshavn in Denmark are leading the way in demonstrating how fishing and ferry operations can transition to green fuels and how CO2 can be managed for shipment and storage beneath the seabed.
  • 11. March 2024

    Establishment of Hydrogen Corridor in the Baltic Sea Launched
    The establishment of a hydrogen corridor between Finland and Estonia, connected with local hydrogen hotspots including those in Denmark, was initiated in June 2023.
  • 8. March 2024

    Nordic Hydrogen’s Innovative Power-to-X Technology Set to Revolutionize Green Hydrogen Production
    By reorienting the technology for hydrogen production by 90 degrees, Nordic Hydrogen expects to produce green hydrogen at half the cost of its competitors.
  • 7. March 2024

    The Mission is Clear: Researchers and FLSmidth Cement Aim to Make Cement CO2-Neutral
    Researchers from Denmark are currently testing a new technology aimed at significantly reducing the CO2 emissions of the cement industry.
  • 2. February 2024

    New e-fuels project to make international shipping climate neutral
    Transport and trade on the ocean blue must be made much greener. This is the goal of the new €17 million European GAMMA project, where companies and researchers from Europe will develop and convert a bulk carrier to sail on climate-neutral fuels and green power.
  • 1. February 2024

    The hydrogen wind turbine has potential – but there are still many unknown factors
    Can hydrogen be produced directly at offshore wind turbines and thereby avoid loss of energy and reduce costs? Green Hydrogen Systems and partners have researched this in an innovation project. The results indicate that there are good possibilities.
  • 30. January 2024

    Danish ENFOR improves 15 per cent of the world’s energy forecasts 
    With more efficient integration of renewable energy in Europe, the EuroGrid innovation project has identified potential savings of DKK 200-300 million.
  • 24. January 2024

    “We will be able to produce more energy with fewer materials”
    Innovation project funded by EUDP is exploring the possibilities of a reduction of weight in wind turbine blades, which can potentially take the production to the next level and reduce the price.
  • 20. December 2023

    Danish Energy Innovations Secure Funding for Global Impact
    Danish Energy Competencies Expand to India and Develop CO2 Industry in Northern Jutland with New Innovation Projects.
  • 13. December 2023

    New partnership on standard solutions for the wind industry
    Building on a successful partnership on tower feet and lifting guidelines, Siemens Gamesa and Vestas – with Energy Cluster Denmark as facilitator – have signed a new partnership agreement to increase standardisation in the wind industry. Initially, the parties will standardise to
  • 11. December 2023

    WaveFuels presents version 2.0 of pyrolysis
    A new microwave process can convert sewage sludge and other organic material into biochar and new climate-neutral fuels. In WaveFuels, Organic Fuel Technology and others will design a full-scale plant based on the technology, which will be commercialised globally in a few years.
  • 29. November 2023

    Newly Developed Sensor Has Created a Growth Business and Reduced Chemical Usage Offshore
    "Innovation Project Opens New Market for SulfiLogger, Eightfold Revenue Increase and Clients on Two Continents. 'We gained an entirely new market through the project,' says CEO.
  • 28. November 2023

    First E-Methane Biogas Plant for Commercial Use Launched on Als
    First E-Methane Biogas Plant for Commercial Use Launched on Als
  • 22. November 2023

    Danish-Brazilian Value Chain Collaboration Creates Potential for Triple-Digit Million Turnover
    Through INNOWIND Denmark & Brazil, a 15-month value chain program funded by the Danish Energy Agency designed to foster connections between Danish and Brazilian energy players, 11 different activities involving over 40 Danish companies have been conducted.
  • 20. October 2023

    DecomBlades’ breakthrough in recycling wind turbine blades
    New results from the DecomBlades innovation project proofs that glass fibre retrieved from wind turbine blades can be processed and melted to high-quality fibre qualifying to be used in new wind turbine blades. This is a real breakthrough on the path to a circular wind industry.
  • 13. October 2023

    New drone technology uses Artificial Intelligence to examine offshore wind turbine blades
    RWE, DTU Wind and Energy Systems and Quali Drone have worked together to find a state-of-the-art, high-tech solution, combining new drone technology with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect wind turbine blades at sea – while the blades are still spinning.
  • 28. September 2023

    Aegir Insights: “Radical Changes Requires Freedom to Innovate”
    Digitalization of the energy sector could become a green goldmine for Denmark.
  • 26. September 2023

    From Problem to Export Success
    Agriculture is Prominent in Vesthimmerland – and It Should Remain So in a Future with Reduced CO2 Emissions.
  • 20. September 2023

    Beyond Beta Energy: “Small Things Have Made a Huge Difference”
    Boosting Green Tech Startups: Beyond Beta Energy Accelerates Innovation in Denmark's Energy Sector.
  • 20. September 2023

    Beyond Beta Energy: “Small Things Have Made a Huge Difference”
    Boosting Green Tech Startups: Beyond Beta Energy Accelerates Innovation in Denmark's Energy Sector
  • 1. September 2023

    Green Power Stored at Semco Maritime
    Hyme Energy initiates today the installation of a new energy storage system based on molten salt. This is done in collaboration with several project partners and Semco Maritime, which will host the facility in Esbjerg.
  • 28. August 2023

    Hydrogen Bunkering in the Wind Sector Can Save Enormous Amounts of CO2, Time, and Money
    A lighthouse project is uncovering the potential for ships to bunker hydrogen produced from green electricity generated by nearby offshore wind turbines.
  • 11. August 2023

    Decarbonizing Heavy Road Transport: Challenges and Innovations
    Heavy road transport stands as a major contributor to CO2 emissions, making decarbonization of trucks and vans crucial for achieving Denmark's 2030 reduction targets and eventual carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • 7. August 2023

    Innovation Project Demonstrates Great Potential for Drone Inspection and Establishes a New SME
    More efficient and improved inspection of large structures, and a startup that has just hired its fourth employee. The innovation project Quali Drone has produced strong results.
  • 27. July 2023

    In Ulrik’s Coffee Club, They Keep Coffee and Pyrolysis Warm
    Pyrolysis' grand old man, senior researcher Ulrik Birk Henriksen, is leaving DTU after 30 years at the forefront.
  • 24. July 2023

    The Crown Prince Inaugurates Historic Innovation Project
    The Crown Prince Inaugurates Historic Innovation Project
  • 23. June 2023

    Fossil Energy Giants Reborn as Green Batteries
    On Bornholm, a Decommissioned Power Plant Block Will Be Converted into a Battery to Store Excess Green Electrons and Feed Them Back into the Grid.
  • 16. June 2023

    DKK 36 Million to Boost North Jutland’s Leadership in CO2 Capture, Utilization, Transport, and Storage
    Denmark's Business Promotion Board has just awarded the North Jutland business beacon CO2Vision an additional DKK 36 million over a three-year period.
  • 12. June 2023

    Denmark’s first large-scale electrolyser module delivered
    The European project GreenHyScale has begun the installation process of a 6 MW prototype electrolyser in the Danish green industrial park, GreenLab. The installation is an important step towards production of green hydrogen on a large-scale globally.
  • 9. June 2023

    Revolutionizing Metal Melting: BIRN 3.0 Leads the Charge with Digital Expertise
    Revolutionizing Metal Smelting: BIRN 3.0 Leads the Charge with Digital Expertise
  • 15. May 2023

    Optimized Use of Chemicals Reduces Both Environmental Impact and Costs
    An innovation project has successfully tackled cost and environmental concerns in oil and gas production.
  • 14. May 2023

    Intelligent District Heating Increases Energy Efficiency on Bornholm
    Over the past year, an intelligent district heating system has been tested in the town of Listed on Bornholm
  • 9. May 2023

    Innovation Project Enables Smarter and Cheaper Inspections – Even Outside the Energy Sector
    The partners in the innovation project Quali Drone have developed an automated drone inspection that has the potential to save time and money while significantly improving safety.
  • 25. April 2023

    Blade manufacturers announce joint commitment to support recycling by providing material passports
    Today, there is a market for recycling most of a wind turbine, but there has not been a market for the composite that makes up the blades.
  • 19. April 2023

    DecomBlades and 3B-Fibreglass are ready to unlock circular recycling of glass fibre in wind turbine blades
    In collaboration with glass fibre producer 3B-Fibreglass, the DecomBlades partners are pursuing a circular route for the glass fibre from decommissioned wind turbine blades – a route that has the potential to off-take the coming years’ waste stream.
  • 29. March 2023

    New animated film: Collaborating on innovation
    Collaboration on new energy technologies is the key to a greener future and new business areas – do you want to join?
  • 21. March 2023

    International partnership secures funding for development of Floating Offshore Substation
    The international partnership merges two decades of offshore wind experience from fixed-bottom offshore substations with naval architecture expertise. It seeks to bring a reliable and cost-effective floating offshore substation concept to the market.
  • 1. March 2023

    New partnership behind the Secretariat for Energy and CO2
    It must be easier for municipalities to collaborate on data-based green transition. This is the ambition of Center Denmark and Energy Cluster Denmark, which together form the secretariat for the municipalities' digital energy and CO2 accounts.
  • 28. February 2023

    We need to make it easier for smaller companies to take part in innovation
    There is growth, jobs, and development to be gained when small and medium-sized enterprises work with innovation. Therefore, we must make it easier for the backbone of the Danish business community to participate in value-creating innovation projects.
  • 28. February 2023

    Innovation project: Up to 75 percent of operator time for data analysis saved on blade testing
    Based on artificial intelligence and image recognition, leading researchers and companies from Denmark have optimized the work with testing the wear of wind turbine blades.
  • 31. January 2023

    Innovation project has shown great potential for drone inspection – and created a new company
    A more efficient and better inspection of large structures and a start-up company that has just hired its fourth employee. The innovation project Quali Drone has created strong results.
  • 31. January 2023

    New advisory board for small businesses
    Do you work in a small or medium-sized company – and do you want to influence what Energy Cluster Denmark offers you and your company colleagues in the energy cluster?
  • 31. January 2023

    Drone deliveries can streamline offshore wind
    We need to service offshore wind farms cheaper, faster and more efficiently. Drone project with ESVAGT, Upteko and Siemens Gamesa can reduce downtime and eliminate fixed costs for servicing offshore wind.
  • 25. January 2023

    Become a part of the Business Beacon for CCUS, CO2Vision
    The Business Promotion Board has opened for the announcement of phase II and thus applications to become part of the business beacon for CCUS test and demonstration sites.
  • 16. January 2023

    Five companies in Zealand want to make green fuels cheaper
    In a new project, five companies in Zealand will develop technologies that, with a focus on side streams and CO2, can make the production of hydrogen and green fuels cheaper.
  • 22. December 2022

    Danish ports can become green filling stations
    CO2 and e-methanol can become big business for the ports of the future. Therefore, several partners will now investigate how two North Jutland ports can become business role models in the green transition.
  • 29. September 2022

    DKK 21 million for new energy technologies to boost innovation in the energy cluster
    The entire Danish energy cluster will have a strengthened, neutral platform for cooperation on innovation and new energy technology.
  • 29. September 2022

    AquaGreen has created growth on pyrolysis of sewage sludge
    A successful innovation project has been of great importance to AquaGreen, which today delivers wastewater solutions on several continents.
  • 29. September 2022

    “Innovation projects take away the risk that investors don’t like”
    Growth comet Remoni has secured DKK 60 million in capital for an international venture. But without soft money for development, investors would never have had a proven good idea to bet on.
  • 23. September 2022

    ”The goal is of course 100% biogas in the gas grid. And that’s realistic.”
    With our technology, together we can make Danish gas consumption CO2 neutral already in 2034 – six years earlier than expected.
  • 31. August 2022

    New analysis: 138,000 jobs and 3200 companies in the energy cluster
    Growth and new cross-cutting coherent value chains characterise the Danish energy system.
  • 29. August 2022

    New collaboration boosts research and innovation on energy storage
    Efficient storage of green energy is both a prerequisite for the green transition and a potential industrial adventure based on a Danish position of strength.
  • 4. August 2022

    New software optimizes testing of blades
    In the innovation project, Requim, several partners are developing a new technology that can improve erosion testing of wind turbine blades' leading edges.
  • 1. August 2022

    SkyClean: Well-known technologies can be the big gamechanger
  • 26. July 2022

    Energy Cluster Denmark in Maskinmesteren
    Maskinmesteren publishes a series of articles about Energy Cluster Denmark, which is the national innovation cluster for the entire energy sector.
  • 22. July 2022

    TotalEnergies: Growth must be green
    TotalEnergies is on a green transition journey – both in Denmark and the rest of the world.
  • 18. July 2022

    “Our solutions will be able to inspire abroad and be an export commodity in line with wind energy”
    Kamilla Thingvad, Director, Energy Production, Development and Trade, Green Power Denmark.
  • 15. July 2022

    If we want to win this game, the energy islands must provide value
    nerginet's Vice President for Systems Development Stine Grenaa Jensen sees the energy islands as a unique opportunity to secure Denmark a future among the foremost energy supply of the green energy supply.
  • 11. July 2022

    We lack shovels, decisions and electricians
    In Denmark, there is a skewed approach to climate policy, and this affects the processes, says EWII Group CEO Lars Bonderup Bjørn.
  • 7. July 2022

    If we are to achieve the objectives, we must integrate systems and link sectors
    Sten Arendt Stoltze, Senior Vice President, Engineering i Ørsted
  • 4. July 2022

    The green transition starts with the small contributions
    It is possible to achieve the goal of a 70 percent reduction in CO2 emissions with existing technologies, especially with more solar and wind, says Brian Vad Mathiesen, professor of energy planning at Aalborg University.
  • 30. June 2022

    DKK 100+ million for new innovation in the energy sector
    From late summer, Energy Cluster Denmark will initiate four new innovation projects within green energy technologies. All are supported by EUDP and with industry co-financing add more than DKK 100 million to new innovation.
  • 30. June 2022

    Gain new knowledge about wind!
    YOU can be updated on the latest knowledge about the wind sector and the requirements that professional decision-makers face and will face in the coming years with OWEMBA; the wind industry's own MBA.
  • 30. June 2022

    Startups get a helping hand into the energy sector
    The Beyond Beta program lifts start-ups to growth in the energy sector. New application round with deadline after the summer holidays for innovative startups.
  • 27. June 2022

    New research and innovation partnership will make Denmark the centre of Power-to-X and the green fuels of the future
    The missionGreenFuels partnership will work to phase out fossil fuels in shipping, heavy road transport, aviation and the maritime shipping industry by 2030.
  • 16. June 2022

    Together, we can build the North Sea’s European green power plant
    With the Esbjerg Declaration, four of the world's most ambitious countries on renewable energy have committed to transforming the North Sea into Europe's green power plant.
  • 13. June 2022

    Better use of solar energy can provide power, district heating and storage
    A new innovation project will make even better use of all the sun's rays and contribute to significant CO2 reductions.
  • 8. June 2022

    New software optimizes the work of energy consultants
    Industrial Denmark can save large amounts of energy with software and sensory, concludes the innovation project AVES.
  • 31. May 2022

    New Innovation Roadmap 2022: The Energy Cluster’s Challenge Catalogue Becomes More Finely Meshed
    The next round of Energy Cluster Denmark's Innovation Roadmap has just been launched, and in the future the ambition is to get SMEs and universities more closely involved in defining the energy cluster's biggest challenges.
  • 17. May 2022

    The energy sector’s innovative companies are chasing development and growth
    Since February 2022, a number of companies have participated in the Beyond Beta program, moving startups toward increased growth.
  • 11. May 2022

    New specification makes it easier, more cost-effective and scalable to recycle turbine blades
    The DecomBlades innovation project has designed a new disposal specification targeted at recycling companies that want to recycle turbine blades.
  • 9. May 2022

    ECO-RAN wins Innovation Project of the Year
    Innovative software for mobile masts wins Innovation Project of the Year at Energy Cluster Denmark's annual meeting 2022.
  • 28. April 2022

    New sensor makes hydrogen production better and cheaper
    In the innovation project SafePTX, Green Hydrogen Systems, SulfiLogger and several other partners are developing a sensor that makes hydrogen production cheaper, better and safer.
  • 27. April 2022

    Who wins Innovation Project of the Year?
    Here you can read about the projects nominated for the award, which will be presented at Energy Cluster Denmark's annual meeting on 5 May.
  • 25. April 2022

    Sector coupling is the solution…
    It is by breaking down silos and connecting sectors across the board that we can achieve our common climate goals for 2030 and 2050.
  • 10. April 2022

    Haldor Topsøe enters green fuel consortium
    In the project, a broad consortium will make fuel for aircraft and ships greener. Now Haldor Topsøe is taking part in the partner circle to boost the effort.
  • 17. March 2022

    Denmark’s energy cluster moves into Region Zealand
    Energy Cluster Denmark strengthens its commitment to Region Zealand with a new location in Vordingborg. The effort will help to increase the green transition of the entire region.
  • 17. March 2022

    Innovative software saves money and power for mobile carriers
    Better bottom line and less carbon footprint is why Telia and Telenor have invested in new software developed by the North Jutlandic company, 2operate in an innovation project.
  • 3. March 2022

    Drones to deliver gear offshore
    ESVAGT, Upteko and Siemens Gamesa will make it easier to supply equipment from ships to offshore wind technicians. A new project looks at the possibility of solving the task of fully automated drones.
  • 25. February 2022

    Finally, Denmark’s lighthouses got the green light
    Fortunately, three of Denmark's new commercial lighthouse towers focus on energy technologies and even more of the new lighthouses are in different ways related to green transition.
  • 24. February 2022

    The energy cluster has been set up as an innovation platform for the green transition
    Majbrit Høyer, owner of WorldPower Consulting, has been a member of the Board of Directors of Energy Cluster Denmark for a year and a half.
  • 24. February 2022

    Læsø ferry service going green
    A new innovation project will explore the possibility of bunkering with other fuels than diesel; a project that holds great potential for 53 ferry routes in Denmark alone.
  • 31. January 2022

    New underwater robot tested on land
    The partners in the innovation project ACOMAR are currently testing a new underwater robot at the company SubC Partner. The robot will be used to remove marine fouling offshore and will save the industry millions of DKK.
  • 27. January 2022

    Is your startup energized to boost the energy industry?
    Then Beyond Beta and Energy Cluster Denmark's incubator are definitely for you. The course is for ambitious startups with innovative solutions for the energy industry – in the idea phase or already in the market.
  • 24. January 2022

    Development of the Nordic ports of the future
    On 20 February, we were on the waterfront in Copenhagen together with the Nordic cluster partners, Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster, MARLOG and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
  • 14. January 2022

    Green New Year thoughts for 2022
    By Glenda Napier, CEO, Energy Cluster Denmark.
  • 13. January 2022

    The clock is ticking, time is running and 2050 is just around the corner
    An intention expresses something new you choose to do and put willpower behind it.
  • 22. November 2021

    New Nordic innovation project to future-proof ports for the wind industry
    NOW Ports2 - New Offshore Wind Ports in the Nordics - is an innovation project that, with the support of the Nordic Innovation Foundation, brings together a large international consortium for a joint development of Nordic ports.
  • 19. November 2021

    Energy Cluster Denmark Is Gilded in the EU
    Energy Cluster Denmark has just been certified to gold for excellent cluster work.
  • 8. November 2021

    Nordic ports are getting ready for the expanding offshore wind industry
    With backing from Nordic Innovation, a large international consortium will be facilitating collaboration and development of Nordic ports in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The goal is to make Nordic ports ready for the expanding offshore wind industry with a stronger green infrastru
  • 29. October 2021

    Ready, set, scale! The GreenHyScale project has officially started and will lead the way for large-scale hydrogen production.
    On the 26 October 2021, there will be an official kick-off on the GreenHyScale project with the aim of exploring large-scale production of green hydrogen.
  • 6. October 2021

    Members only: Six new energy technology innovation networks
    Energy Cluster Denmark is now adding six newly created innovation networks to its membership benefits.
  • 27. September 2021

    Digitalisation offers great opportunities for the energy sector
    The cluster organisations Energy Cluster Denmark and DigitalLead will increase the spread of digitalisation in the energy sector.
  • 8. September 2021

    Wind farm owners and turbine manufacturers join forces on drone deliveries of spare parts
    Four of the giants of the wind industry will supply offshore wind farms with spare parts using innovative drones. Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, Ørsted and Vattenfall see great potential in fast and flexible drone delivery with the innovation project ADD2wind.
  • 7. September 2021

    COWI gives top marks to Energy Cluster Denmark
    In a new evaluation, Energy Cluster Denmark's innovation model receives top marks from COWI for establishing and implementing collaborations between almost 50 small and medium-sized companies and knowledge institutions.
  • 26. August 2021

    Two clusters get a leg on Lolland – welcome to Energy Cluster Denmark and WE BUILD DENMARK
    Lolland's green power must be fully promoted in the development of the energy system of the future. This is the goal of the new collaboration between Denmark's business promotion cluster and Lolland's large energy partnership, REEL. This will create new green growth.
  • 19. August 2021

    New large CCS project aims to restructure oil and gas companies and create new business areas
    The ambition to store millions of tonnes of CO2 in the subsoil has come a big step closer, after 30 Danish and foreign companies and research institutions have just signed an agreement on the next phase of the Greensand project under the leadership of Ineos.
  • 17. August 2021

    Drone inspection shows great potential in several industries
    Innovationsprojektet Quali Drone kan effektivisere og forbedre inspektion af store strukturer og samtidig reducere risiko ved arbejde i højden. Det kan mange industrier bruge.
  • 11. August 2021

    “We haven’t just developed an app, but an entirely new phone”
    An innovation project in Energy Cluster Denmark has demonstrated surprisingly large benefits from digitalising corrosion monitoring at Semco Maritime, including the potential to reduce the costs by two-thirds.
  • 4. August 2021

    “With PTX, electricity becomes a raw material for decarbonising new sectors”
    If the agriculture and shipping sectors are to achieve their climate targets, green power needs to be refined into climate-neutral fertiliser and fuel. That is why CIP is building Europe’s largest Power-to-X facility in Esbjerg.
  • 26. July 2021

    We support the historic transformation of the energy sector
    Sector coupling is at the heart of the green society of the future, which all countries, businesses and citizens will have to deal with. The energy sector is the key to this and probably the most exciting and innovative sector in Denmark today.
  • 26. July 2021

    Surplus heat from supermarket cooling can be recycled as district heating
    With the climate agreement, it has become possible to direct surplus heat from supermarkets directly into the district heating network. Now the innovation project shows that it is also economically viable.
  • 20. July 2021

    Fruitful international co-operation
    Energy Cluster Denmark collaborates with other cluster organisations abroad on specific B2B matchmaking events, cluster collaborations, knowledge bridging projects and value chain building.
  • 13. July 2021

    Great potential in developing new sustainable fuel
    New innovation project aims to bring production of sustainable fuels for aircraft and ships to commercialisation. The project is facilitated by Energy Cluster Denmark.
  • 1. July 2021

    Denmark’s energy cluster and Erhvervshus Nordjylland strengthen cooperation
    There must be easier access to innovation partnerships and cooperate with knowledge institutions for energy companies from Northern Jutland.
    This is the ambition behind new joint efforts between Energy Cluster Denmark and Erhvervshus Nordjylland.
  • 1. July 2021

    SMART SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Have a look at Energy Cluster Denmark’s former webinars at your best!
    id you miss the opportunity to attend our Digital Annual Meeting? Or would you like to revisit an exciting presentation from a particular researcher? Then the opportunity is now available at Energy Cluster Denmark's website.
  • 28. June 2021

    Algorithms Show the Way to Better Energy Trading
    The innovation project FIRE has demonstrated that it is possible to optimise production and demand in a larger part of the market and thereby optimise fluctuating renewable energy.
  • 7. June 2021

    EWII: District heating has major innovation needs
    If the utility company could be allowed to regulate the heat in Mrs. Hansen's living room by a degree or two, then the district heating network could become the largest X in the sector.
  • 4. June 2021

    Innovation Project: Depleted Oil and Gas Fields as Efficient CO2 Stores
    Large innovation project investigates whether special types of sand in the subsoil in the North Sea can be used for the safe storage of CO2. The innovation project is being facilitated by Energy Cluster Denmark.
  • 2. June 2021

    “Sector coupling will lift the green transition”
    Dan Jørgensen, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, acknowledges the danish companies' efforts on the way to achieving the target for 2030.
  • 1. June 2021

    New major innovation project to bring down the prices on wind energy
    Wind turbine manufacturers Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Vestas are teaming up with Force Technology, DTU Wind Energy and Baettr to develop a new method for welding the components for wind turbines, which could become a "game changer" for the entire industry.
  • 1. June 2021

    Where are the potentials for the use of surplus heat in Southern Jutland?
    Mapping companies in 4 Municipalities of South Jutland, Aabenraa, Sønderborg, Haderslev and Tønder makes it easier to identify the untapped surplus heat potential. The preparation of business cases must now specifically highlight the potential for local use of surplus heat.
  • 12. May 2021

    Innovative study shows potential for up to 70% reduction in CO2 emissions from offshore oil and gas production
    A new study of an innovative project based on power-to-X and floating wind technology shows that CO2 emissions from the offshore production of oil and gas can be significantly reduced when oil and gas production platforms are supplied with sustainable energy.
  • 11. May 2021

    Energy sector optimistic at annual meeting: “We have the technologies to reach the 2030 target!”
    Our annual meeting last week sent a clear message. The conclusion from the energy sector at our 2021 annual meeting last week was that energy technology solutions will not be a hindrance in achieving the climate targets set for the year 2030.
  • 11. May 2021

    When Neverland becomes reality
    It started as a wild idea, but there was no stopping it. Now, Denmark is building the world's first energy islands, ushering in a new, major era for the energy sector.
  • 6. May 2021

    EuroGrid wins the 2021 Innovation Prize
    EuroGrid has made it possible to reduce costs associated with the efficient integration of renewable energy in Europe by 200 to 300 million DKK. As a result, the innovative EuroGrid project has won Energy Cluster Denmark's 2021 Innovation Prize.
  • 4. May 2021

    Three innovation trends in the energy cluster
    The Danish energy cluster is in the midst of a historic transition with new green technologies, business models and supply chains.
  • 20. April 2021

    Andel and Stiesdal partner for large-scale, stone-based energy storage
    Energy and fibre-optic network group Andel is investing 75 million DKK in Stiesdal Storage Technologies. Their ambition is to take stone-based energy storage to a new level.
  • 9. April 2021

    Energy Cluster Denmark launches new roadmap for all the energy cluster’s innovation projects
    The Danish energy sector is bubbling with innovation, new technologies and green business models, and energy companies, along with research institutions, are seeking to draw up the contours of a future energy system based solely on renewable sources.
  • 9. April 2021

    Sustainable propulsion for ESVAGT’s vessels
    Can a service vessel carry out its functions on batteries, hydrogen and fuel cells in a wind farm? Can the tank be bunkered with biodiesel or ammonia from renewable energy sources? A new innovation project aims to make service vessels for the energy sector emission-free.
  • 7. April 2021

    The wind sector’s new master’s programme gets an academic stamp of approval
    With its recent international accreditation, the Offshore Wind Energy MBA has now been recognised as the common master’s programme of the wind energy sector.
  • 16. March 2021

    Energy Cluster Denmark and Green Hub Denmark to enter into a new strategic partnership on boosting innovation in North Jutland
    Energy Cluster Denmark and Green Hub Denmark will now be working closely together on the development of green energy tech solutions, as well as making North Jutland an important demonstrator, test facility and living lab for demonstration projects in the field of energy.
  • 4. March 2021

    Use of biowaste and residual biomass. Charter holidays on biomass await ahead
    It sounds imaginative that you should be able to send a container freight around the world on biomass, or that you can transport tourists on a charter holiday with slaughterhouse waste in mind. That it is imaginative, however, is in no way an obstacle to its realization.
  • 3. March 2021

    Energy and transport clusters are working together to make the mission of green transport of the future a reality
    The Danish Innovation Fund has chosen the development of climate-neutral fuels as one of the four missions to focus on in spring 2021. Two of Denmark’s new national cluster organisations will work together to create an innovation roadmap aimed at developing the green fuels of the
  • 2. March 2021

    Green power is wasted: 12 partners will find the solution through digital control of the electricity grid
    It harms the climate when the green power from solar cells and wind turbines is lost. And we as a society must become far better at exploiting when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing if we are to achieve the goal of green transformation of society.
  • 26. February 2021

    A united energy cluster can shorten timelines
    With collaborations across the entire energy cluster, faster implementation of technological innovations and a clear roadmap for projects concerning technologies of the future, the Danish energy cluster believes in the green transition before 2030.
  • 18. February 2021

    New consortium to commercialise the production of sustainable fuels for aircraft and ships
    A consortium with 17 partners from Denmark and other European countries receives more than DKK 30 million from Innovation Fund Denmark to bring the production of sustainable fuels for aircraft and ships to the stage of commercialisation.
  • 11. February 2021

    The energy island sets the bar for innovation in 2021
    An energy island the size of 18 football pitches is an excellent place to start if you have ambitions to be innovative in the energy sector in 2021.
  • 8. February 2021

    “We have gained a two-year lead over the rest of the market.”
    Better quality, longer-lasting durability and up to 60% savings on power consumption. ViewNet benefited greatly from developing the next generation of LED screens in an innovation project with Energy Cluster Denmark.
  • 2. February 2021

    When technological innovation has value, we can break free from the norms
    New technological solutions and value-creating innovation are crucial for development. With joint innovation projects, we can accomplish much across industries and sectors.
  • 25. January 2021

    DecomBlades konsortium modtager støtte til et stort tværsektorielt projekt om genanvendelse af vindmøllevinger
    Et konsortium bestående af ti projektpartnere har modtaget støtte fra Innovationsfonden til projektet ’DecomBlades’, som i løbet af de næste tre år vil forsøge at danne basis for kommercialisering af bæredygtige løsninger til genanvendelse af vindmøllevinger.
  • 14. January 2021

    What technologies will set the energy agenda in 2021?
    2021 may be the year when there are major technological breakthroughs in the energy sector in Denmark. A number of promising technologies and innovative projects have been launched, so this year we may be taking some significant steps towards the green transition.
  • 17. December 2020

    The Shell refinery is testing the potential of drone inspection
    This project aimed to develop a modular, thermal electricity storage system. The project also involved a case study of the value creation / business model of thermal energy storage on the basis of information from a specific wind farm.
  • 16. December 2020

    DKK 100 million for new innovation projects on the way to Energy Cluster Denmark
    The innovation power of the Danish energy cluster is strengthened after Energy Cluster Denmark has secured EUDP funding for six new innovation projects for a total budget of DKK 100 million.
  • 11. December 2020

    The oil and gas sector are already well under way with the green transition
    Innovation and new technological solutions have shown the way forward for many companies in the Danish oil and gas sector.
  • 8. December 2020

    Working together on green innovation
    Shipping ought to become climate neutral, and we need more renewable energy in many more sectors in order to achieve our climate goals.
  • 3. December 2020

    Without an innovative energy sector, we will not achieve the climate goals
    A significantly greener industry and transport sector is a prerequisite for us to achieve our goal of a 70 percent reduction by 2030.
  • 26. November 2020

    The arrow points to Power to X
    If we are to achieve the goal of a 70 percent reduction by 2030, then we must find the new technologies and innovative solutions that enable us to supply even more sectors with green energy. It's an equation with an X – Power to X!
  • 18. November 2020

    Without green transport, we will not reach our goal
    We literally have to pour greener fuel into our tanks if we are to reach all the way to the 70 percent reduction target by 2030. The Power-2-Mobility conference offers a glimpse of the green transport of the future.
  • 5. November 2020

    Invitation to Energy Cluster Denmark’s Kick-Off Events!
    The establishment of Denmark’s new cluster organisation for the entire energy sector must be celebrated in style.
  • 4. November 2020

    North Sea project has created 1,700 international SME
    Strong matchmaking, new networks, more intelligent port areas and an international MBA programme. International Energy Cluster Denmark project has yielded results.
  • 1. November 2020

    Surplus heat from supermarket cooling can be recycled as district heating
    With the climate agreement, it has become possible to direct surplus heat from the supermarkets directly into the district heating network. The innovation project now shows that it is also economically viable.
  • 6. October 2020

    The drone harvests data and a wealth of possibilities
    Offshore Operating Drones, which is an innovation project facilitated by Energy Cluster Denmark, shows that drone-based data collection has the potential to kick open many new doors into the energy sector.
  • 5. October 2020

    The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science officially appoints Energy Cluster Denmark to pave the way for innovation in the energy sector in Denmark
  • 2. October 2020

    Denmark’s leading energy organisations are all assembled in the new, strong board of Energy Cluster Denmark
    With a board of 22 people and with companies such as Ørsted, Vestas, Danfoss and Total in the circle, Energy Cluster Denmark assembles a board that embraces a wide energy range and must connect the smaller companies' innovative solutions with the weight of the giants.
  • 28. September 2020

    Danish clusters must be an open embrace
    The Danish cluster landscape has been significantly simplified – and more consolidations are on the way. Precisely for this reason, the new cluster organisations must be extra conscious of maintaining an open mind and being receptive.
  • 31. August 2020

    Energy Cluster Denmark will hold an extraordinary general meeting on 1 October in Vejle
    With Energy Cluster Denmark, the energy sector has a single unified, cross-cutting innovation effort and an association with 400 members. In October, members at an extraordinary general meeting can help to shape the work of the cluster.
  • 31. August 2020

    The industry’s strategic challenges must shape Energy Cluster Denmark
    An even closer collaboration with industry organisations in the field of energy must ensure that the energy sector's challenges set the course for Energy Cluster Denmark.
  • 29. July 2020

    Over DKK 100 million secured for new energy innovation
    During the summer, Energy Cluster Denmark has secured funding for six new energy projects with a total value of more than DKK 100 million.
  • 26. June 2020

    Wind companies save time and money with 3D printing
    From 3D drawing to prototype. In two projects, 15 small and medium-sized companies have implemented 3D printing as part of the business. The results show that the technology can benefit the entire supply chain within wind.
  • 26. June 2020

    Sønderborg will be strengthened by Energy Cluster Denmark
    The new national energy cluster Energy Cluster Denmark will strengthen Danish energy innovation – not least in Sønderborg.
  • 26. June 2020

    New energy cluster is strong in Esbjerg
    Companies and researchers will get a single entrance point to collaborations on energy innovation when Energy Cluster Denmark on 1 July 2020 brings together the Danish energy innovation into a single cluster.
  • 24. June 2020

    Energy cluster is to be headquartered in Aalborg
    Companies and researchers will get a single entrance point to collaborations on energy innovation when Energy Cluster Denmark on 1 July 2020 brings together the Danish energy innovation into a single cluster. Energy Cluster Denmark will have six offices throughout the country alo
  • 18. June 2020

    The director of Denmark’s new energy cluster has been appointed
    Glenda Napier has become the new CEO of Energy Cluster Denmark, Denmark’s new, merged cluster organisation for the entire energy sector.
  • 15. June 2020

    Joint application strengthens a unified energy sector
    The Danish strengths in CO2-neutral energy, integrated energy systems and energy efficiency must be further enhanced – all at once.
  • 11. June 2020

    Collaboration gives tailwind
    Together with MHI Vestas Offshore Wind? You can not be serious!"

    Jesper Møller, Principal Expert at Siemens Gamesa, clearly remembers the astonished reactions from colleagues prior to the start-up of the CRIF project Common Equipment Towers.
  • 11. June 2020

    “We must create a world-class energy system”
    Peder Østermark Andreasen, new board chairman of Denmark's new, strong cluster organisation for energy, Energy Cluster Denmark, sees both a great need for and a great potential in developing a single comprehensive energy system.
  • 7. June 2020

    Software from North Jutland 2operate contributes to sustainable technology in the mobile network
    With the implementation of new generations of 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks, there has, over a number of years, seen a marked increase in energy consumption in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world.
  • 25. May 2020

    Meet a member – Seaborg Technologies ApS
    For the past five years, Seaborg Technologies has been working on a completely new type of nuclear reactor based on liquid salt. A solution that could potentially develop into a win in the fight for the climate.
  • 7. May 2020

    VR glasses have great training potential
    The energy sector can save time and costs by using virtual reality in security training. With Covid-19’s limitations on everyone’s travel activities, virtual training can quickly become widespread. A new innovation project will speed up the process.
  • 28. April 2020

    Clobotics acquires AtSite to expand wind service portfolio
    Global market leader in visual inspection and artificial intelligence acquires Danish wind turbine blade specialist company to better meet customers' needs for automation and intelligent maintenance.
  • 27. April 2020

    Salt makes green energy long-lasting
    Conservation: DTU and Seaborg Technologies are among the partners in a new innovation project on energy storage in liquid fluorine salt. The goal is to store green power over time in a competitive way - if necessary for several weeks.
  • 27. April 2020

    New innovation project will reduce CO2 emissions from offshore oil and gas production
    Can the offshore production of oil and gas be operated with green energy from wind and wave energy and hydrogen? Total and a group of project partners will explore the potential of a new innovation project.
  • 14. April 2020

    900,000 DKK support gives data-driven company the opportunity to work with artificial intelligence
    The company NetHire has developed a mobile equipment management system that handles management and rental of tools. By quickly delivering tools where the customer's employees need them, the craftsman avoids wasting working time driving to and from the warehouse and office.
  • 26. March 2020

    Work vehicles can also run on electricity
    he engineering company Converdan A / S is working together with Banke ApS and the University of Southern Denmark on a solution for efficient charging of electric work vehicles - because here there is great potential.
  • 24. March 2020

    Almost DKK 2.8 million must help to make cement production greener
    According to a study from DTU, cement production today accounts for approx. 5% of the world's total CO2 emissions.
  • 19. March 2020

    Energy Cluster Denmark: The energy sector is gathered into one new national cluster
    Denmark is a world leader within renewable energy production, cohesive energy systems and energy efficiency.
  • 18. March 2020

    “With the cluster, the industry’s challenges are made operational”
    The strategic partnerships of the energy sector use the Energy Innovation Cluster to give concrete shape and action to the most important technological megatrends and trends.
  • 17. March 2020

    Energy’s next innovation projects round DKK 200 million
    The tracks for the energy industry's next innovation collaborations have been laid: The Energy Innovation Cluster, together with partners and members, has submitted 12 project applications worth more than DKK 200 million.
  • 17. March 2020

    70 participants for Power-to-X
    Power-to-X meeting is crammed with opportunities, and many industries can see a potential in Power-to-X technology.
  • 25. February 2020

    Meet our member AquaGreen
    The new member AquaGreen has developed a steam drying and pyrolysis (DTP) technology that addresses the challenges of biomass disposal in a sustainable and cost-effective way.
  • 31. January 2020

    Algorithms must balance the green energy
    More renewable energy in the energy system challenges supply and stability. In the CRIF project FIRE, Energinet, Energi Danmark, QAMPO and a number of other partners will develop algorithms for better balancing of the green energy sources.
  • 29. January 2020

    Clusters strengthen our innovative power
    "Innovation is the basis for us to go from a black energy to a green energy in our business".
  • 28. January 2020

    Drones must deliver spare parts directly to the wind turbine
    Drone technology has in a short time established itself as a game changer with the potential to revolutionize almost all industries.
  • 23. January 2020

    New calculation model – An accelerator to promote the utilization of recycled heat
    The Super Supermarkets project is now complete. But the end only marks the beginning of far better utilization of surplus heat from Danish supermarkets. The purpose of the project has been to develop, demonstrate and verify best practice in heat recovery from supermarkets, so tha
  • 21. January 2020

    Can you save money with a green business plan?
    With CLEAN Green Plan, you can save money in your company, achieve a greener profile and at the same time help reduce energy and material consumption for the benefit of the economy, the environment and the climate!
  • 9. January 2020 The value of clusters and networks
    In Denmark, we have a number of clusters and networks, which on an annual basis help more than 18,000 companies across the country to develop their business.
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