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  • 9. April 2021

    Energy Cluster Denmark launches new roadmap for all the energy cluster’s innovation projects
    The Danish energy sector is bubbling with innovation, new technologies and green business models, and energy companies, along with research institutions, are seeking to draw up the contours of a future energy system based solely on renewable sources.
  • 9. April 2021

    Sustainable propulsion for ESVAGT’s vessels
    Can a service vessel carry out its functions on batteries, hydrogen and fuel cells in a wind farm? Can the tank be bunkered with biodiesel or ammonia from renewable energy sources? A new innovation project aims to make service vessels for the energy sector emission-free.
  • 7. April 2021

    The wind sector’s new master’s programme gets an academic stamp of approval
    With its recent international accreditation, the Offshore Wind Energy MBA has now been recognised as the common master’s programme of the wind energy sector.
  • 16. March 2021

    Energy Cluster Denmark and Green Hub Denmark to enter into a new strategic partnership on boosting innovation in North Jutland
    Energy Cluster Denmark and Green Hub Denmark will now be working closely together on the development of green energy tech solutions, as well as making North Jutland an important demonstrator, test facility and living lab for demonstration projects in the field of energy.
  • 15. March 2021

    Leder til internationalisering og partnerskaber søges!
    Hos Energy Cluster Denmark har vi brug for en stærk ansvarlig leder, der både får ansvaret for udvikling og gennemførelse af internationale innovationsaktiviteter samt opdyrkning af spændende partnerskaber i og udenfor Danmark i tæt samarbejde med et stærkt team af projektledere.
  • 3. March 2021

    Energy and transport clusters are working together to make the mission of green transport of the future a reality
    The Danish Innovation Fund has chosen the development of climate-neutral fuels as one of the four missions to focus on in spring 2021. Two of Denmark’s new national cluster organisations will work together to create an innovation roadmap aimed at developing the green fuels of the
  • 26. February 2021

    A united energy cluster can shorten timelines
    With collaborations across the entire energy cluster, faster implementation of technological innovations and a clear roadmap for projects concerning technologies of the future, the Danish energy cluster believes in the green transition before 2030.
  • 18. February 2021

    New consortium to commercialise the production of sustainable fuels for aircraft and ships
    A consortium with 17 partners from Denmark and other European countries receives more than DKK 30 million from Innovation Fund Denmark to bring the production of sustainable fuels for aircraft and ships to the stage of commercialisation.
  • 11. February 2021

    The energy island sets the bar for innovation in 2021
    An energy island the size of 18 football pitches is an excellent place to start if you have ambitions to be innovative in the energy sector in 2021.
  • 8. February 2021

    “We have gained a two-year lead over the rest of the market.”
    Better quality, longer-lasting durability and up to 60% savings on power consumption. ViewNet benefited greatly from developing the next generation of LED screens in an innovation project with Energy Cluster Denmark.
  • 2. February 2021

    When technological innovation has value, we can break free from the norms
    New technological solutions and value-creating innovation are crucial for development. With joint innovation projects, we can accomplish much across industries and sectors.
  • 25. January 2021

    DecomBlades consortium awarded funding for a large, cross-sector wind turbine blade recycling project
    A consortium consisting of ten project partners has received funding from Innovation Fund Denmark for the three-year ‘DecomBlades’ project which seeks to provide basis for commercialization of sustainable techniques for recycling wind turbine blades.
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