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  • 18. February 2021

    New consortium to commercialise the production of sustainable fuels for aircraft and ships
    A consortium with 17 partners from Denmark and other European countries receives more than DKK 30 million from Innovation Fund Denmark to bring the production of sustainable fuels for aircraft and ships to the stage of commercialisation.
  • 11. February 2021

    The energy island sets the bar for innovation in 2021
    An energy island the size of 18 football pitches is an excellent place to start if you have ambitions to be innovative in the energy sector in 2021.
  • 8. February 2021

    “We have gained a two-year lead over the rest of the market.”
    Better quality, longer-lasting durability and up to 60% savings on power consumption. ViewNet benefited greatly from developing the next generation of LED screens in an innovation project with Energy Cluster Denmark.
  • 2. February 2021

    When technological innovation has value, we can break free from the norms
    New technological solutions and value-creating innovation are crucial for development. With joint innovation projects, we can accomplish much across industries and sectors.
  • 14. January 2021

    What technologies will set the energy agenda in 2021?
    2021 may be the year when there are major technological breakthroughs in the energy sector in Denmark. A number of promising technologies and innovative projects have been launched, so this year we may be taking some significant steps towards the green transition.
  • 17. December 2020

    The Shell refinery is testing the potential of drone inspection
    This project aimed to develop a modular, thermal electricity storage system. The project also involved a case study of the value creation / business model of thermal energy storage on the basis of information from a specific wind farm.
  • 16. December 2020

    DKK 100 million for new innovation projects on the way to Energy Cluster Denmark
    The innovation power of the Danish energy cluster is strengthened after Energy Cluster Denmark has secured EUDP funding for six new innovation projects for a total budget of DKK 100 million.
  • 11. December 2020

    The oil and gas sector are already well under way with the green transition
    Innovation and new technological solutions have shown the way forward for many companies in the Danish oil and gas sector.
  • 8. December 2020

    Working together on green innovation
    Shipping ought to become climate neutral, and we need more renewable energy in many more sectors in order to achieve our climate goals.
  • 3. December 2020

    Without an innovative energy sector, we will not achieve the climate goals
    A significantly greener industry and transport sector is a prerequisite for us to achieve our goal of a 70 percent reduction by 2030.
  • 26. November 2020

    The arrow points to Power to X
    If we are to achieve the goal of a 70 percent reduction by 2030, then we must find the new technologies and innovative solutions that enable us to supply even more sectors with green energy. It's an equation with an X – Power to X!
  • 18. November 2020

    Without green transport, we will not reach our goal
    We literally have to pour greener fuel into our tanks if we are to reach all the way to the 70 percent reduction target by 2030. The Power-2-Mobility conference offers a glimpse of the green transport of the future.
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