Work vehicles can also run on electricity

26. March 2020

he engineering company Converdan A / S is working together with Banke ApS and the University of Southern Denmark on a solution for efficient charging of electric work vehicles – because here there is great potential.

In Denmark, the transport sector is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to CO2 emissions. Therefore, there has not surprisingly been much focus on electric cars and other electric passenger vehicles, but the potential is there to a large extent also if you look at work vehicles. Crane trucks, forklifts, sweepers, garbage trucks – all energy-intensive and noisy, and very widespread throughout the country.

This is where the South Jutland company Converdan comes into the picture. Together with the technical faculty at SDU and Banke Aps, which develops and manufactures battery-electric power outlets, support has been received for an innovation project to develop and test a platform concept for robust and high-efficiency battery chargers for electric work vehicles. The support is provided through the regional support program IEI – Industriel Elektronik Innovation, which has raised funds of DKK 33.8 million. to strengthen the innovation of southern Danish companies within electronics and energy technology.

Valuable collaboration

Converdan leads the innovation project called eWorkVehicle Battery Charger and is responsible for product development, product maturation and testing of the platform concept for a battery charger with ultra-high efficiency. For them, working with the other partners has been a unique opportunity to gain access to the latest technologies in power electronics, which gives them a basis for new products. In addition, it has been rewarding to get inspiration from other companies and the more academic and research approach at SDU.

“It has given us great value to be part of eWorkVehicle as a company. Both because of the connections that arise with research institutions and other companies, as well as because the solutions that are achieved in connection with the collaboration will provide commercial opportunities for Converdan in the medium term. ” says Thomas Slivsgaard, director of Converdan.

Focus on business value

Many companies may expect supported projects to be very administratively cumbersome and time consuming for the participating companies, but this is not how Converdan has experienced it:

“Project collaborations under the auspices of CLEAN require quite a bit of administration for the company, and there is also a focus on the project ultimately providing a business value for the participating companies. A positive extra benefit is the good network with other companies and universities, which for us has opened up other business opportunities and good collaborations. ” says Thomas Slivsgaard.
The project is in full swing and is expected to be completed after the summer holidays of 2020, where hopefully even better conditions have been created for more energy-efficient electric crane trucks, forklifts and sweepers.

About Converdan A / S

Since 2006, Converdan has provided services within the development and production of customer-specific power electronic components and devices to customers in industries such as industrial machinery, renewable energy, security of supply, e-mobility and power supplies. Converdan is highly specialized in power electronics and has extensive knowledge and experience in all its disciplines; Hardware design, device design, PCB layout, software and control design.

About IEI

The project Industriel Elektronik Innovation (IEI) supports Syddansk Vækstforum’s business area within energy efficiency by accelerating innovation collaborations between small and medium-sized companies and SDU within industrial electronics with a direct connection to the business community.



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