DataPilots Wins EU Funding to Enhance Digital Skills for Europe’s Green Energy Transition

11. June 2024

DataPilots, based in Esbjerg, has secured EU funding for coaching and expert advice to leverage its digital capabilities in supporting the green transformation of Europe’s energy systems.

A digital Swiss army knife

That’s how Jakob Lose, CEO and founder of DataPilots, describes his team. In the spring of 2024, the company received 100,000 DKK from the EU’s ELBE Eurocluster program for coaching and guidance on how the West Jutland company can support digital transformation and sustainability across various sectors, including energy.

“We can address a variety of challenges across sectors, and we are currently helping several companies use their data points smartly, such as in sports, entertainment, and fintech. We also expect this to be the case throughout the value chain of the green transition, including the energy sector,” says Jakob Lose.

In the coming months, DataPilots’ six employees will receive coaching from a Norwegian consultant to gain insights into the European energy sector’s digitalization needs. This will involve exploring how DataPilots’ expertise in artificial intelligence, apps, and other IT architecture and development can add value to the green energy industry.

“We are proud to be one of the few digital companies receiving support from the EU’s ELBE program. We hope the funds for coaching will help us understand where our digital skills can be applied to benefit the smart optimization of industry and other areas needing our assistance,” says Jakob Lose.

“At DataPilots, we have successfully applied our skills as a small tech company across various sectors. With support from ELBE, we have the opportunity to develop our toolkit for broader applications. There are many low-hanging fruits in digital technology, and we aim to support this effort with our solutions,” Jakob Lose continues.

Networking to Europe

The funding for DataPilots comes from the European Commission’s ELBE Eurocluster program, aimed at the energy sectors of eight European countries: Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Poland, France, Scotland, and Denmark. In Denmark, Energy Cluster Denmark coordinates the participation of Danish companies.

“We are very pleased that members of the energy cluster are succeeding in Europe. Denmark has unique competencies among our SMEs for optimizing and developing our energy system, including digital products and services that can quickly lead to CO2 reductions. We look forward to following DataPilots’ journey into the energy sector and are ready to support them and other companies on the path to technological development that benefits us all,” says Glenda Napier, CEO of Energy Cluster Denmark.

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