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Dynamica Ropes
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Dynamica Ropes Aps manufactures ropes and slings made with the high technology fibre called Dyneema®. DYNAMICA slings are preferred rigging used for lifting and installation of wind turbines offshore and onshore.

DYNAMICA slings and ropes are just as strong as steel wire, but weighs only 1/10 compared to steel wire. The lightweight sling and rope solutions contribute to the much easier and safer handling and quicker rigging.

Products from Dynamica Ropes are used in a wide range of industries: Offshore Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind, Lifting, Mooring and Towing.

Dynamica Ropes are experts in unique rope and sling solutions. A combination of technically experienced employees and a 35 meter long Test Bed, which has a capacity of 500 t, makes it possible for Dynamica Ropes to test different constructions and determine the right solution for a specific rope or sling operation.