Maskinmestrenes Forening
Maskinmestrenes Forening
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The Danish Engineers’ Association (Maskinmestrenes Forening) is an organization for graduate engineers, dual purpose cadets and technical manager offshore, all graduated from – or in training at – an engineering school or a maritime training center.

The association counts members employed in a wide range of technical and administrative positions. That is within the entire maritime industry area, in the manufacturing and service companies, in consulting engineering firms and in the public domain such as for example hospitals, supply, supervision, defense and education.

Of the corporation’s active members, 87% are employed in jobs on land and 13% at sea. 10% of the members are seniors – retired engineers – and 19% are in training.

The entity has 14.000 members in 2.100 companies and handles their interests nationally and internationally through cooperation with numerous organizations and representation in councils, boards, committees and projects that have impact on issues surrounding the engineers’ work. An important element of the work is participation on the boards of the 5 Danish Maritime Engineers bachelor and vocational institutions with a focus on their development. The Association is partisan neutral and financially independent.