Geothermal system operation


Once again, geothermal energy production is undergoing development in Denmark, with two major actors wishing to kick-start geothermal energy recovery in large Danish cities. There are additionally plans to export facilities to the European market. In view of the whole sector’s relatively limited experience with operating Danish geothermal facilities, however, it is not yet clear where the greatest barriers to securing successful projects lie. Consequently, there is a need to ascertain the risks of a variety of possible challenges to economically sound operation of these facilities. For example, the intrusion of oxygen into the facilities is considered a risk factor which may contribute to accelerated corrosion of pipelines and facility installations, resulting in significant operating costs.

Solution idea

The purpose of this knowledge bridge activity is to identify potential challenges to the operation of Danish geothermal systems, including the risk of oxygen intrusion into the facilities, as well as to identify new technologies for solving these challenges. This will be done through an exploratory survey of challenges in Danish and European geothermal facilities.

Problem owners

  • A.P. Møller Holding A/S

Problem solvers

  • WellPerform
  • Copenhagen Pump
  • by Summit Electronics
  • LiqTech Water A/S
  • Løngreen Energisystemer ApS
  • Goth Engineering
  • EV Metalværk
  • Force Technology
  • Teknologisk Institut

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Start: February 2019
End: November 2020
Grant: DKK 450.000

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Lene Vest Munk Thomsen

Lene Vest Munk Thomsen
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 3152 3072