Innovative utilization of waste heat from horticulture and industry for district heating supply


District heating companies, horticulture and other industries must, like all other industries, convert their energy supply to new non-fossil energy sources. Here, electricity-based solutions are the only future-proof option, as annual biomass in the form of straw will be prioritized for biogasification and further processing into liquid fuels such as diesel and jet fuel (P2X). Perennial biomass in the form of trees, where there has been a permanent storage of atmospheric CO2, will be used for building materials. Houses, furniture etc.


In this project we will develop a concept where a heat pump solves three tasks simultaneously: Dehumidification, heating and temperature increase of the district heating supply to horticulture.


On Fyn alone, the potential is an annual heat production of 473 GWh, corresponding to 43% of the coal-based heat production at Fynsværket.


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Start: January 2022
End: December 2022
Funding: DKK 240.000

Contact person

Lene Vest Munk Thomsen

Lene Vest Munk Thomsen
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 3152 3072